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Approximately 19,000 people live in this area which includes Norfolk Park, Gleadless and Arbourthorne. Within this area, there is Sheffield City College and schools which include Springs Academy. The area boast one of the country's oldest parks, Norfolk Heritage Park. The area is served by the Supertram network.Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter:

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Affected location: East Bank Road, Eastern Avenue, Arbourthorne Road and Aylward Road area.
Affected location: Intake, Gleadless, Woodthorpe, Arbourthorne, Norfolk Park and surrounding areas have all been affected by a rise in domestic burglary over the last few months. Specifically thieves damaging euro-locks as a method of entry.


A 24-year-old man has been seriously injured following an alleged assault in Sheffield.At around 11pm on Friday 18 April, it is reported that the 24-year-old left the Big Tree pub in Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, walking through Fraser Crescent to Cawthorne Grove.
Burglars targeted four properties at Beighton in Sheffield overnight, escaping with a handful of belongings.
Police are appealing for your help after an armed robbery at a shop in Aughton yesterday (Tuesday 22 April).
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