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The main areas are those of Birley, Frecheville, Hackenthorpe, Basegreen and Charnock. A sizeable proportion of the area is green space with Jaunty Park at Basegreen, Hollinsend Cricket Club and Birley Wood Golf course and Stoneley and Charnock Woods.


A pedestrian has suffered serious injuries to his leg after being involved in a collision with a car in Sheffield in the early hours of this morning (Saturday 20 December).
Two men have died following a collision in the early hours of this morning (Saturday 20 December).
A 19-year-old Doncaster man will be spending Christmas behind bars following his guilty plea to a robbery he committed in August this year.
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Meet the team

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Date: Fri 9 January 2015
Location: Frecheville Library, Smalldale Road, Sheffield, S12 4YD

On the Friday night before Christmas, and all the through the region, all the pubs, clubs and bars are thriving or perhaps there’s a party at your house.

At this time of year, police often see an increase in demand from the public because on occasion some people take their celebrations to an extreme.