Cudworth SNT Site

Area Description

The Cudworth area is made up of five villages Cudworth, Grimethorpe, Brierley, Great Houghton and Shafton. Each village is quite different from each other, with its own shopping centre, and the area as a whole has extensive countryside surrounding it.

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Affected location: Across the SNT area, but particularly in ‘white city’ area of Grimethorpe and area behind Ladywood, lower end of Cudworth and bridleway from Regina Crescent to Cliffe Lane at Brierley. (Retained but area extended).


Affected location: Section of Barnsley Road at Cudworth, from the Cudworth bridges to Rose Tree Avenue and including Almond Ave, Sycamore Ave, Willow Close, Carlton Street (including Welfare Park), Robert St (including allotments), Bank St, Bloemfontein St & Jackson St.
Meet the team

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Meet the team
Date: Wed 27 May 2015
Location: Cudworth Fire Station