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Darton SNT covers the electoral areas of Darton East and Darton West. Both are collections of villages to the north-west of Barnsley which have grown and merged to form an area of 20,000 people. On the west side are Darton and Kexborough and to the east are Mapplewell and Staincross.

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Affected location: Darton: Speeding vehicles, Huddersfield Road/Barnsley Road, Darton, Staincross Common/Greenside, Mapplewell. Crime reduction work to include; (vehicle crime/burglary across the area). Darton: Crime Prevention, ASB/Including Youth's gathering in numbers on Darton Lane.


A man has died following a road collision in Doncaster yesterday (Sunday 20 April).  The 23-year-old pedestrian was walking in Trafford Way, near to the junction with West Street, at around 3.45pm when he was involved in a collisi
A woman pedestrian killed in a collision in Barnsley on Friday (18 April) has been named by police as Leonie Louise Davies.
Have you been offered an iPad for sale at a discount price today? Chances are it may have been stolen from an Asda store in Carcroft, Doncaster, in the early hours of this morning (Sunday 20 April).
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Meet the team

PACT Meeting will take place on Thursday 22nd May at 1900hrs hours in the Edith Perry Room of Bar

Date: Thu 22 May 2014
Location: Barnsley Hospital, Edith Perry Room.