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Millhouses, Dore, Totley and Bradway areas are covered by the Dore/Totley SNT based at Woodseats Police Station, Sheffield. These areas are located to the South Western part of the City.Dore is a village in South Yorkshire. Until 1934 it was part of Derbyshire, but it is now suburb of Sheffield. The village lies on a hill above the River Sheaf.Totley is a suburb on the extreme South West of Sheffield, next to the Yorkshire/Derbyshire boundary. Formerly a Derbyshire village, Totley...

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Affected location: Around Lady springs court housing complex


Loxley looks less than impressed with his Christmas bath, but he’s got to be looking his best for when the big guy in red comes
Detectives investigating the shooting in Sheffield City Centre last night believe the incident may have been a targeted attack.
In the fourth week of South Yorkshire Police’s festive alcohol-related crime campaign, the Force turns its attention to would-be perpetrators of domestic violence.
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