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Edlington lies immediately southwest of the River Don and the village itself stands approximately one mile from the A1 motorway and only four miles from Doncaster town centre. Edlington SNT covers Edlington, Old Edlington, Warmsworth, Sprotbrough, Scawsby, Cusworth and Sunnyfields.

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Affected location: Edlington Brick Ponds and surrounding parkland


A 24-year-old man has been seriously injured following an alleged assault in Sheffield.At around 11pm on Friday 18 April, it is reported that the 24-year-old left the Big Tree pub in Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, walking through Fraser Crescent to Cawthorne Grove.
Burglars targeted four properties at Beighton in Sheffield overnight, escaping with a handful of belongings.
Police are appealing for your help after an armed robbery at a shop in Aughton yesterday (Tuesday 22 April).
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Date: Thu 22 May 2014
Location: Yorkshire Main Community Centre

On Friday, 30 August at around 11.20pm, an incident of disorder occurred at the Tumbler pub on Broomhouse Lane in Edlington.

A fight is believed to have started in the pub involving a number of men aged between 20 and 38-years-old.

The fight was eventually broken up and everyone went outside. The fighting then re-commenced outside the pub, moving further down Broomhouse Lane and eventually onto Lilac Crescent.