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The SNT covers a predominantly residential area, with a number of business and retail premises also. Hillsborough College caters for further/higher education, whilst there are two major sports stadia in the Hillsborough area, Sheffield Wednesday Football Stadium and Owlerton Greyhound Stadium.

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Affected location: The current PACT (partners and communities together) priorities in Hillsborough are as follows: 1) Burglaries. 2) Display of the ‘TO LET’ signs (linked to burglaries). 3) Car Crime.


A 24-year-old man has been seriously injured following an alleged assault in Sheffield.At around 11pm on Friday 18 April, it is reported that the 24-year-old left the Big Tree pub in Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, walking through Fraser Crescent to Cawthorne Grove.
Burglars targeted four properties at Beighton in Sheffield overnight, escaping with a handful of belongings.
Police are appealing for your help after an armed robbery at a shop in Aughton yesterday (Tuesday 22 April).
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Offenders on a suspected burglary spree in the Hillsborough area experienced mixed fortunes this week due to residents upgrading their home security.

Four burglary offences were committed in the early hours of yesterday morning, Thursday 16 January, with a further crime taking place in neighbouring Wisewood around 7pm the previous evening.