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This area is predominantly residential with areas including Wheatley, Wheatley Park, Wheatley Hills, Clay Lane, Town Moor and Intake. Rural areas include Sandal Beat Wood and Sandal Park. Follow us on Twitter @Wheat_IntakeSNT or Like us on Facebook Wheatley & Intake SNT

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Affected location: Anti-Social Behaviour around Unity Flats, Parkway North, Parkway South area of Wheatley
Affected location: Prostitution and related anti-social behaviour around Thorne Road including all ancillary roads both Wheatley and Town Moor sides between East Laith Gate and Wentworth Road.
Affected location: Sandringham Road, Cornwall Road and Westminster Crescent.


Thames Valley Police has released a CCTV image of people officers would like to speak to in connection with an incident involving Sheffield United and Hull City football fans at the Newport Pagnell Services on the M1 motorway.
Detectives in Barnsley are appealing for witnesses and information after two elderly women were tricked by bogus officials.
Crime in South Yorkshire is down 3% according to the latest national statistics out today.There were 3,040 fewer crimes across the county from January to December 2013 compared with the same period in 2012.
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