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Area Description

The Penistone area is a rural district comprising at its’ centre the traditional market town of Penistone, surrounded by 26 other villages and hamlets. There are in the region of 500 farms and small holdings dotted around the area, and the entire district amounts to 52% of the total land area of Barnsley.

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Affected location: Penistone: Speeding Vehicles, Crime Prevention.
Affected location: Speeding Vehicles/Road Safety, green road, penistone, sheffield road, oxspring


Witnesses are wanted after a 25-year-old woman died earlier today (Friday 18 April) following a collision in Barnsley.Police were called at 5.15am to reports of the collision, which happened in Pontefract Road, at the junction of Wycombe Street, in Lundwood.
People who use Class A drugs have been warned to be especially vigilant after a number of deaths in Sheffield over the past week.
Two men have been charged with the robbery of a mobile phone from a 13-year-old girl in Walkley, Sheffield.Brett Wraith, 19, of no fixed address, will appear at Sheffield Magistrates Court tomorrow (Saturday, 19 April).
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Meet the team

Penistone PACT Meeting will take place at 7pm at Pendon House, Penistone.

Date: Thu 24 April 2014
Location: Pendon House, Penistone.