Anti Social Behaviour

Affected location: 

Measbrough Dyke

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Action taken: 

Numerous incidents have been reported regarding nuisance youths using the park area off Doncaster Road, Measbrough Dyke. Complaints have involved noise, litter, abusive behaviour and reports of drug use. Incidents of a racial nature have also been reported and are being followed up by police. Police officers are also working with housing providers to ensure those acting in an anti social manner will also be investigated for tenancy breaches.

Update given at the CM meeting on 27-10-16:
An action plan is in place to tackle the youths causing issues in Measbrough Dyke.

18 young people have come to the attention of police. The Children and Young People’s Officers for the relevant schools have been informed to carry out work in conjunction with the school and staff.

The main offender, Brendan Steer, has been convicted at court for a racially aggravated public order offence, assault on a PCSO, and for obstructing the highway. He has also been served with a civil injunction with conditions. The conditions of the civil injunction were read out during the meeting and everyone was encouraged to report any breaches.

3 other youths have been referred to the Youth Offending Team for various public order offences, and 2 others have been identified and are awaiting interviews.
A further youth (junior school age) has been put on an Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

Berneslai Homes are arranging joint visits to their properties with officers from the ASB Team.

The landlord of one problematic property has served an eviction notice on the occupants who will vacate the property within a month. Social Care are involved.

Due to the ongoing issues being experienced, this was retained as the local priority for another month.