Anti Social Behaviour - Birk Avenue, Kendray

Affected location: 

Birk Avenue, Kendray, in the vicinity of the shops

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Thursday, 25 February, 2016

Action taken: 

This priority was retained in order to continue to tackle the problems of youths causing a nuisance in the vicinity of Birk Ave, Neville Ave and Farm Rd. Issues range from litter, shouting and swearing, intimidation, stopping vehicles through laying down in the road, stopping buses and pressing the emergency button to cut the engine, throwing missiles, climbing on roofs of buildings, setting fires, assault and criminal damage. At times, the high numbers of youths congregating caused local residents to be fearful. A policing operation is currently underway. Around 30 individuals have been identified and police have been visiting each young person and their parents. A range of interventions have been put in place, from formal letters, contracts, to progression of criminal matters to court. After several weeks of concerted efforts from police and partners there has been a decrease in incidents reported. At the PACT meeting on 31st March 2016 it was decided to remove this area as a priority, however there will still be patrols taking place to monitor the area and prevent another escalation.