Balby; ASB on Anelay Road and Armitage Road

Affected location: 

Anelay Road and Armitage Road

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Wednesday, 22 April, 2015

Action taken: 

28/03/2015 - 8068/8264/8099 Joint patrols in PACt area, three patrols during shift. No issues
14/04/2015 - every shift since last date when in Balby Pact area has been patrolled at least once. Issues with some youths committing ASb on Smith Street being dealt with
18/04/2015 - PACT area patrolled last two shifts no issues
22/04/2015 - Patrolled during day, no incidents or issues
24/04/2015 - Patrolled pact area, two youths dealt with regarding asb, stone throwing. issued abc referrals and Community protection notice warnings, parents spoke to
26/04/2015 - patrolled saturday and sunday no issues