Anti-Social Behaviour - Grange Lane/Grange Road, Rossington

Affected location: 

Grange Lane/Grange Road, Rossington incorperating surrounding streets and ASDA stores.

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Thursday, 12 December, 2013

Action taken: 

PACT priority agreed on the 12/12/2013 as problems have been occuring more frequently in this area.
13/12/2013 - Numerous foot and mobile patrols conducted in and around the problem areas. Whilst attending ASDA, Officers were made aware of a group of youths frequenting in the morning before school and again after. Officers waited out of sight for the group to return after school which they did and were then detained.

14/12/2013 - 3 youths spoken to at ASDA regarding the climbing of a utilities unit in the car park. They were not causing any issues but advised regarding climbing.No other issues seen or reported.

15/12/2013 - Numerous mobile patrols conducted. The area was very quiet with no issues seen or reported.

18/12/2013 - Constant footpatrols conducted in and around the areas of concern. No issues seen or reported possibly due to the torrential rain.

23/12/2013 - Foot Patrols in the area, due to time of day and break up of school, no incidents or issues raised. Only issue was the amount of shoppers trying to get into Asda for last minute shopping.

30/12/2013 - Area very quiet this shift, minimal young people on the streets and no one at the usual gathering places, no issues.

31/12/2013 - Areas patrolled throughout, everyone appears to be quiet due to families at home for New years eve.

3/01/2014 - Patrols made by various members of the SNT, no issues at this time

4/01/2014- Numerous mobile and foot patrols conducted. The area was very quiet with no issues seen or reported.

5/01/2014- Patrols made throughout shift, no issues, all quiet.

8/01/2014- PACT meeting held at ASDA, no issues raised. Agreed that PACT priority to continue in this area.

8th January to 12th January - Patrols made throughout the shift, no issues raised.

21st January to 24th January - Patrols made of area and local youths engaged with, no issues

27th/28th January- Spoken with ASDA who are experiencing problems with youths after school, we will try and patrol the area during these times.

31st January to 2nd February- Grange Lane and Road patrolled throughout the shifts, 2 youths spoken to at the Bus stop regarding their behaviour, moved on. No other issues.

Agreed PACT priority to be archived due to issues being addressed at this location, patrols will still take place but the priority area has moved.