Speeding Vehicles

Affected location: 

All Villages

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Thursday, 12 December, 2013

Action taken: 

Speeding Vehicles across the Villages was agreed at PACT meeting on 14/11/13
22/11/2013 Speed gun used on Worksop Road Tickhill for 1 hour, 7 cars were found to be speeding. Also 25 minutes on Sunderland Street and again 7 cars were found to be speeding.
25/11/2013 Speed gun used on Hurst Lane in Auckley for 20 minutes. 24 cars checked and 4 were speeding. Also used in Austerfield at the junction with South View for 20 minutes, 81 cars checked, 9 were speeding.
26/11/2013 Speed gun used in Bawtry. 20 minutes spent at Gainsborough Road. 110 cars were checked and 11 were speeding. Tickhill Road also done for 20 minutes where 82 cars were checked with 19 found to be speeding.
27/11/13 Speed gun work done in Finningley/Blaxton. 56 cars checked on Wroot Road and near The Green, 6 were speeding.
Please note that we can only do speed camera work when the weather is good and during daylight hours. Unfortunately at this time of year we do have some poor weather and as we work mostly afters shifts we are losing the light early on in our shift. We will endevour to visit all the villages with the speed gun at some point.
12/12/2013 - PACT priority reconfirmed as speeding in all villages
23/12/2013 - Speeding work and alcohol checks carried out on Gainsbrough Road in Bawtry. 4 vehicles were stopped for driving above the speed limit however an urgent incident stopped our operation therefore we will be looking to continue work in this location on a further date.
UPDATE: Due to the high volumes of vehicle crime in Bawtry we have had to concentrate our resources into this area, changing our shifts to nights and afters to have coverage at key offending times