Theft from motor vehicles, Bawtry

Affected location: 

Areas adjacent to Church Street

Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Friday, 4 October, 2013

Action taken: 

Raised at PACT with partners who are wishing to assist with delivering the VVS scheme
09/09/13 - Vehicle patrols in the area of Church street and Wentworth court, partial patrol towards Everton, nothing seen.
10/09/13 - Attended Bawtry parish council meeting and spoke of the current PACT and our intentions to support and be proactive with informing/reminding car owners of the risks caused by having items on display in vehicles.
13/09/13 - Vehicle patrol carried out. No instances of Theft from Motor Vehicle reported.
20/09/13 - Mobile patrols have been conducted troughout Bawtry.
21/09/13 - no issues found during patrols.
26/09/13 - Vehicle patrols carried out. No further instances of Theft from Motor Vehicle reported.
02/10/13 -PCSO's along with staff members from DMBC and St Leger homes have today had a day of action for car crime prevention in Bawtry. Staff have hand delivered vehicle crime prevention information cards to 340 houses in Bawtry and done Vulnerable Vehicle Sscheme checks on 147 vehicles. 78 vehicles were found to have items on view and 69 were in order. If any vehicle is found with items on view a card is put on the windscreen advising the owner that we found the vehicle vulnerable and prompts them to phone a number where they are advised of our concerns and given crime prevention advice. Information was delivered to homes on Lime Tree Crescent, School Walk, Church Street, Wentworth Court, Gainsborough Road, Swan Street, Maple Grove, South Street, North Street, Central Drive, Kingswood Close, Bridge Lane Court, The Pastures, Wharf Street, Ash Tree Avenue, East View, Stirling Avenue, Gresley Road and Ivatt Close. Numerous members of the public were engaged with about their vehicles and we utilised the Vulnerable premisis cards where necessary. One person was spoken to about leaving bikes unchained in her garden and DMBC dealt with some environmental issues that were raised whilst we were on patrol.
04/10/13 Current Priority Retained at PACT meeting.
07/10/13 Patrols of Bawtry made whilst on afters. No incidents called in over the weekend.
08/10/13 patrols made in the area, no issues reported.
11/10/13 No reports of TFMV. Patrols made thjroughout Bawtry.
12/10/13 Again no reports of vehicle crime in Bawtry.
13/10/13 Patrols made of Market Hill car park.
17/10/13 Patrols made in the area, no issues reported.
18/10/13 mobile patrols made in the area.
19/10/13 No issues reported.
20/10/13 Patrols made in the area after the theft of a trailer was reported, it was taken from the rear garden of a property in Bawtry.
23/10/13 1 TFMV reported on Grange Road in Bawtry. Staff attended and did house to house enquires and vulnerable vehicle checks in the area.
24/10/13 No issues, patrols made in Bawtry.
25/10/13 Mobile patrols made in Bawtry.
28/10/13 No issues reported over the weekend
29/10/13 Admin 171 isseued to male riding a pit bike on the pavement in Bawtry.
30/10/13 All staff engaged in an operation in Rossington.