Did you know that every community in Sheffield, including yours, has a team dedicated to policing the neighbourhood?

In April 2012 Sheffield reorganised its Neighbourhood Policing.

There are seven Safer Neighbourhood Areas which are divided on the same georgraphical lines as the Local Authority Community Assemmbly boundaries.

Each Safer Neighbourhood area is divided along the ward boundaries and there are four wards within each Safer Neighbourhood Area.

An example of this, is the North East Safer Neighbourhood Area which is divided into the Burngreave, Southey, Firth Park and Shiregreen and Brightside Ward areas.

Reorganising in this way has improved communication with our communities and our partners and helps our communitiies understand who is responsible for delivering local policing.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams operate at a local level to build good links with the communities they serve.

They are made up of the police Officers, Community Support Officers, and council staff whose role is around problem solving within the community, focussing on the type of crime and anti social behaviour which can blight people's lives and affect the wider community.

Important information and crime prevention advice

Supporting victims of crime

Burglary crime prevention advice

Vehicle crime prevention advice

Violent crime prevention advice

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