Barnsley man receives Commanders Commendation

On Wednesday, 12 December, Chief Superintendent for Barnsley, Andy Brooke awarded Glen Howell with a Commander’s Commendation in recognition of his courage and excellent public service.

At 11.20pm on Saturday, 22 September, 2012, Glen Howell, a 39-year-old man from Peartree Avenue, Thurnscoe was returning home with his wife and family when they were alerted to a fire at one of the flats on Peartree Avenue.

Mr Howell proceeded into the property which was full of thick, plastic, acrid smoke. By keeping low to the ground, he was able to locate the occupier who was a heavily intoxicated disabled man and was able to lift him up and carry the 33-year-old man out to safety.

Mr Howell has then gone to the door of the upstairs neighbour and having received no reply has gone into the property and met the resident who was awoken by the noise. He has then told the man to get out and they both were able to leave safely.

The property had suffered a lot of damage including some to the upstairs flat showing the intensity of the fire as it took hold.