Demolition work complete at Hammerton Road

Work to demolish Hammerton Road Police Station is now complete.

The police station closed for operations in November 2014 when Sheffield North West Local Policing Team (LPT) relocated to Hayes House, which continues to be the team’s base serving communities throughout the area.

The vacated site was secured to ensure public safety and to reduce any risk of personal injury until South Yorkshire Police received the relevant planning clearance for the safe demolition of the building, with demolition work starting in October 2016.

Any redevelopment of the site will be agreed by a project design team working closely with the force’s forthcoming review of neighbourhood policing, and any redevelopment will be subject to planning restrictions. Local residents will have the opportunity to comment on any future applications through the statutory planning process.

The Hammerton Road site remains under the responsibility of Sheffield North West LPT.

Neighbourhoods Inspector Colette Fitzgibbons has this week written to local residents to provide an update about the completion of the demolition work, and an update has also been posted on the Sheffield North West LPT’s social media accounts.

Anyone with questions about the Hammerton Road site can contact Sheffield North West LPT by calling 101 or via the team’s social media accounts, which are Sheffield North West LPT on Facebook and @SheffNW_LPT on twitter.