Impact on antisocial behaviour reduces incidents by 22 per cent

Air weapons, fireworks, alcohol and drug seizures, nuisance neighbours, fly-tipping and off-road vehicles – all in a day for South Yorkshire Police.

Today, (Friday, 2 November 2012) South Yorkshire Police tweeted every incident of antisocial behaviour that was reported between 12 noon and 12 midnight, and the police response. In total 156 messages were sent - the aim, to help South Yorkshire residents understand the number and variety of antisocial behaviour incidents the Force deals with.

This was all part of South Yorkshire Police’s day of action tackling antisocial behaviour.

In a bid to drive down incidents on what is traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year for antisocial behaviour officers and partner agency staff have been out tackling the issues that matter most to communities.

Activities included high-visibility patrols, visits to firework retailers challenging the sale of fireworks to under 18s, patrols tackling nuisance vehicles, Trojan bus operations and search warrants to name a few.

Compared to 2 November, last year there has been 54 (22%) less incidents of antisocial behaviour reported today. Across the county 22 people have been dealt with for offences including damage, shoplifting, possession of controlled drugs and breach of the pace. Eight antisocial behaviour contract referrals were made, two air weapons were seized and over £2,200 worth of drugs were recovered. In addition, 16 out of 116 licensed premises failed test-purchasing visits.

Across the county over 5,000 young people got involved with community activities including bonfires, discos, football training and jewellery making.

Chief Inspector Colin McFarlane, Force lead for antisocial behaviour said: "We understand the impact antisocial behaviour can have on how safe and secure people feel.

"As a Force, we are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour all year round but I hope that today has highlighted the variety of issues we deal with and the amount of good work our officers do tackling issues that matter to communities.

"Today’s operation has been a massive success, evident by the initial results. As many people will have seen by the message going out on our social media accounts, we have dealt with 200 antisocial behaviour incidents today which is 54 less than the same day last year."

Listen to Chief Inspector Colin McFarlane's reaction to the operation.