Injunction Orders to tackle issues in Mexborough

Five people have been served with injunction orders in Mexborough as officers continue to work tirelessly in the area to offer reassurance to the community that individuals and groups who believe they are above the law will be dealt with and brought to justice.

The interim gang injunction orders were granted by the courts after an application was made by police, and the orders form part of the ongoing operation in the area to tackle antisocial behaviour, criminal damage and violence that a small minority are involved in.

The five, four men aged 20, 22, 24 and 30-years-old and one woman, 27-years-old, face up to two-years in prison and an unlimited fine if they breach the order.

Conditions of the order include not associating in public with certain named individuals, entering and being present on certain roads and streets, including but not limited to, Schofield Street, York Street, Schofield Park, Oliver Street, Simpson Place and Wood Street.

A further condition includes the prohibition of being in possession in a public place, or to have in a vehicle they are travelling in, any golf clubs, baseball, rounders or cricket bats.

All five are subject to a curfew at their home addresses between 12am and 6am every night and have been required to submit the details of any vehicles they own, hire or loan, and any mobile phone numbers and sim cards in their control, use or possession to the police.

Superintendent Natalie Shaw said: “There have been a number of incidents in the town over the last few months including arson attacks, criminal damage and assaults, all of which we believe have been targeted attacks between two groups and number of those involved are now in prison.

“However, we understand the concerns in the community and that there are still issues in the area, and the interim gang injunction orders will hopefully offer some reassurance that we are exploring all avenues and options available to us to restore peace in the town.

“We have a continued, increased police presence in the area, including extra officers on patrol, mounted officers and various other police resources that have been deployed into the town, to be able to immediately respond should any incidents occur and be available to offer assistance to the public.

“We are treating all of the incidents and the issues in Mexborough as a priority and we are working in partnership with other public sector agencies to be able to use all resources available to tackle the issues. We also have a dedicated team who are reviewing the recent antisocial behaviour legislation in a bid to apply ASB as additional offences wherever possible.

“We are determined to make Mexborough a safer place to live, work and visit and I would encourage and support all residents to report any issues anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, or call us on 101 if they have any concerns.”