Positive Leadership Report Welcomed

A national police leadership report published today, 8 February, by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) has been welcomed by South Yorkshire Police, which continues to improve leadership and has been noted for its good practice.

The Police Leadership 2017 report examines the degree to which leadership is understood within policing, how forces work to develop leadership, and how well leadership is displayed by a force, following a review of practice among all ranks and grades. The latest HMICFRS report notes that ‘the results are mainly positive’ and it has seen ‘a commitment to, and a drive to improve policing from leaders at a range of ranks and grades and from all members of the workforce’.

South Yorkshire Police (SYP) was singled out for praise for its Professional Development Review programme, with the report stating, ‘SYP is using the PDR process effectively to identify and develop leaders at all levels’. SYP is also commended for providing constables with opportunities to develop their careers through exposure to different roles.

Superintendent Colin McFarlane said: “We welcome the positive report from HMICFRS, which has acknowledged some of the good practice at South Yorkshire Police and nationally. The report acknowledges that there is room for improvement across forces and SYP is no exception. However, our staff has made great progress recently, which was acknowledged a couple of months ago when the independent HMICFRS report into our individual force leadership resulted in an improved grade and assessed our leadership as good.

“Much work remains to be done but it is encouraging that the outlook remains positive. SYP is heading in the right direction and leadership continues to strengthen.

“The improvement in our methodology is excellent news for the public too, as it illustrates that we are working more effectively in tackling its priorities.”

Among key points highlighted in the review published by HMICFRS into police legitimacy last December, SYP was detailed as enjoying ‘strong ethical leadership through its chief officer and senior leadership teams, who regularly repeat and clarify the standards they expect from the workforce.’ The report also made reference to Chief Constable Stephen Watson’s introduction of the sergeants’ pledge – a personal contract between sergeants and the chief constable, committing them to uphold the standards expected of them.

To read the full Police Leadership 2017 report and historic reports please visit - www.justiceinspectorates.gov.uk/hmicfrs/