Is Santa bringing you a scooter for Christmas?

If a moped, scooter or motorcycle is on your festive wish-list this year, you may want to read our Crime Reduction Officer Dene Tinker’s top tips to ensure your dreams of owning a bike come true…and you don’t face the nightmare of having it stolen!

• Buy a ‘sold secure’ chain so you can chain your bike to an immovable object like a lamppost
• Use a secure disc lock with a reminder cord attached to your handlebars so you don’t ride off with it still in place
• Use the steering lock if your bike has one
• Even when parked in a secure location such as your garage, consider the extra security of using the steering lock, a disc lock or chain as well
• Pull out a spark plug or fuse, or have an immobiliser fitted
• If you have to park in the open, leave it where you can see your bike or in view of a security camera
• Don’t leave items such as helmets or other possessions with your bike
• Keep your bike out of sight, maybe parking it behind your car. If parking in a garage, block the bike with your car and ensure the garage is locked
• When riding home, make sure you are not being followed
• Stay alert for suspicious vans or trucks driving around late at night. These can be used to transport stolen motorcycles
• Cover over and secure your bike. It might slow down thieves and prevent theft of accessories. Wherever possible, try to ensure that the cover doesn’t have the brand name of the bike on it, as this can be tempting for opportunistic thieves
• When riding in a group, park your bikes together
• Consider marking your bike in a unique way that could dissuade thieves – if it is then stolen, it can make tracing you slightly easier as well
• If you park your motorcycle/scooter outside your property, consider installing a motion sensor light near the bike
• Install a motorcycle alarm and/or a hidden kill switch
• Buy a GPS tracking system that can track and deliver your bike’s speed, location, and direction

Dene added: “We genuinely hope you enjoy your first steps into motoring, but please don’t be tempted or persuaded by your friends to let them ‘have a go’.

“If they’re not insured on the bike and they’re caught, your new pride and joy can be seized and impounded.”

If you have any concerns about vehicle crime, or hold information about who may be committing vehicle crimes in your local area, you can call police on 101 or give this information to Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111.

If a crime is in progress or a life is at risk, always dial 999.

More information about securing your vehicle is available on our website:

We’re also running our Christmas burglary campaign – more information on this is available here: