Doncaster District Command Team Meeting - 11th November 2013



Briefing Room, Doncaster Police Station, College Road


Monday 11th November 2013



Present:                  Ch Supt Richard Tweed (Chair)

                     Supt Eddie Murphy (Operations)

                                 Supt Peter Norman (Partnerships)

                                 CI Gwyn Thomas (Operations)

                                 DCI Chris Singleton (Crime Manager – Performance/Serious Crime)

                                 Delyth Williams (HR Operational Partner)

                                 Tammy Naylor (HR Operational Partner)

                                 CI Andy Kent (Partnerships)

                                 Helen Haigh (Business Manager)

                                 Phil Swain (OMA)

                                 CI Neil Thomas (Diamond Project)

                                 Ch Supt Rob Odell (Corporate Services)

                                 T/DI Steve Leach (CIT)





T/CI Jakki Hardy (SNA Operations/Partnerships), T/CI Peter England (SNA Operations/Partnerships) DCI Craig Robinson (Crime Manager – PPU)


Ch Supt Tweed welcomed Tammy Naylor to the District as she will be taking over from Delyth Williams at the end of the month and thanked Del for the first class work and support she has provided to the District during her time here, wishing her all the best in her new role.





Previous Minutes


No minutes from previous meeting, only action schedule discussed.


Action Schedule


Action schedule updated .





CAP and Targets – Latest performance figures discussed.  Area of concern is all crime and managers are asked to closely manage staff in order to improve performance in this area of business. Despite this, it is recognised that staff at District work extremely hard and are thanked for their continuing efforts.


Performance Visit Actions – Ch Supt Tweed discussed the Performance Visit actions.


CIT – CI Andy Kent and T/DI Leach provided an update on the latest improvements being implemented within CIT.  A new system has been introduced in order to improve the management of crime and linking crimes where appropriate at an earlier stage.  These changes come into effect today.  CI Kent and T/DI Leach discussed and outlined the new process.  Intend to produce weekly reports showing results for circulation.   


Monday, 11 November, 2013 - 10:00