Barnsley District Command Team Meeting

In Attendance:  Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response
CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods
A/PS Gareth Hyde, Staff Officer
Rachael Greenfield, HR Operational Partner
T/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless
Inspector Simon Leake, North & South SNAs

Apologies:  T/DCI Steve Handley, Crime Manager
   A/DCI Gary Askew, Crime Manager
Mary Verity, Business Manager

Copy to:  Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer
Lisa Ingham, Finance Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 21 January 2014 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 Custody Rebuild.  Project Team to be established.  Meeting to take place on 26 February 2014.  Ongoing.

3.2 Retail Crime Unit.  Command Team to meet in February to discuss the future shape of the District’s pro active capability, incorporating the Tasking Team, VCT, Crime Scene Investigators, Retail Crime and the Cocooning Team.  A meeting has been scheduled for 3 March 2014.  Ongoing.    

3.3 Op Blitzen 2013.  CI Hodgkinson to feed back findings to the next Command Team meeting.  An operation for Christmas 2014 will then be discussed in terms of leadership, staffing and partners.  Over the Christmas period a reduction in burglary and violent crime including domestic violence was seen, however theft from person in the town centre increased along with a slight increase in retail crime but not as much as in previous years.  A separate meeting to discuss a 2014 Operation will take place outside of this meeting.  Discharged.

3.4 Performance.  Command Team members to look at the current structure and establishment within their portfolio areas and determine what they can do to potentially reshape or reconfigure.  Discussed.  Discharged.

3.5 Contact Cards.  Chief Inspectors to ensure that the contact cards are made available to all Response, SNA and CID Officers.  Chief Inspectors to also request that supervisory officers brief PCSOs and Police Officers in their use.  CI Mahmood attended a User Satisfaction meeting recently with Barnsley highlighted as being the lowest in Force in terms of leaving contact details (78%).  Force figures relating to follow up for vehicle crime is 39%, Barnsley 26%.  Inspectors and Sergeants have been e-mailed in respect of officers routinely leaving contact cards.  Chief Inspectors were requested to monitor the use of the cards by officers.  Discharged.

4. Closed.


5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets

All crime is currently down by 4.5% (592 less offences). 

ASB is down by 8%.

Burglary dwelling has reduced by 3.5% (28 offences). 

Vehicle crime has reduced by 1.4% (22 offences).

Criminal damage has seen a 17.1% reduction (428 offences).

Violence with injury is 8.3% up (86 offences). 

Hate crime is up by 9.2% (8 offences). 

The positive outcome rate is 31.4%.

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

Op Benchmark has concluded – around 50 prisoners were processed during a 7 day period with good recoveries and disruption in respect of cannabis cultivation.

The Barnsley-v-Notts. Forest match will take place on the 8th March 2014 followed by Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday the following day.


6.1 Major Crime Investigations

Deferred to the next meeting. 


7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

DCC Holt advised of a 10% cut in overtime for the first three months of next year.  Overtime allocation will be discussed at the next Business Plan meeting with further discussion taking place at the Command Team Pro-active Day in March in respect of the impact of reduced overtime.

CI Mahmood has been allocated a project by the DCC around overtime reduction.  She has submitted an options paper; grant funding will not be reviewed, however mutual aid, particularly around football will be.

District Review.  Seven models were presented, with the Chief Constable setting a parameter of four BCUs.  On receipt of an information pack, Chief Supt. Brooke will consult with District staff around a favoured model.  The Superintendents briefings will be used for further debate and a series of open days scheduled which will allow officers to discuss further.

Force Performance & Tasking.  CI Chorlton advised that in respect of key performance indicators, the Force has risen to 18th from 42nd in the Force family tree and first in MSG for burglary with other Forces seeing an increase in crime.

Mental Health Triage.  With effect from January 2014, all other Districts now have a mental health triage capability.  Rotherham and Doncaster have one car covering both towns with Sheffield having an evening AMP (Authorised Mental Health Practitioner) on a 4x2 shift.  Allison Rumble will lead in respect of negotiations with Swift to progress support for Barnsley. 


7.2 OMA Financial Commentary

Deferred to the Business Plan meeting.

7.3 Risk Register

No new risks were raised.

Business Continuity.  Not discussed.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  No new items.

7.5 Human Resource Issues


Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Discussed.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

Deferred to the next meeting. 

7.7 Audit Reports

 Deferred to the next meeting.


8.1 None.


Tuesday, 18 February, 2014 - 10:00