Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


VFM Management Team Meeting

9.30am Wednesday 16 October 2013
VFM Conference Room

APOLOGIES - Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage

1. ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM, (Chair)
    Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager,
    Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
    Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
    Askwith, Heather (HA) – Departmental HR Partner
    Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
    Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
    Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting on 18 September 2013 were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 16 October 2013.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business

3.4 Department Structure       
 3.4.1 Projects Savings
 The VER panel are due to meet on Monday 21 October 2013, so we await the outcome of this.  DD is still trying  to  get FM to do costings for moving Doncaster  Garage to Rotherham Garage.  At the last Performance and Governance  meeting SG was asked to do a presentation to the Policing Board on where we can make savings.  This will include  under utilised vehicles, hire vehicles, reducing the fleet and looking at ratios of officers to vehicles. Visibility – Livery Fitment 
 SG reported that we had over achieved on the target of 100 and had reached 102, with still a couple more planned in  shortly.  It was noted that one of the vehicles that was liveried has been involved in an accident.  The police car  was shunted from behind when they were preserving a scene and a Policewoman standing in front of the vehicle was  knocked down.  Traffic is following up on this incident. Pedal Cycles 
 It was noted that VFM is not responsible for purchasing any personal kit that the rider may require e.g. a cycle  helmet.

 Action 1 – 16.10.13:  Nikki Kelly to let the storekeeper at Rotherham know what the pedal cycle budget is and let  Steve Anderson know what the account code is for pedal cycle parts. Telematics        
 Nothing to report.

3.5 Finance
NK explained that month end accounts had not been produced as budget setting for the next financial year has taken priority.  NK stated that she had an issue with vehicle parts and how we are recording them and is planning to do some work on this.   With regard to vehicle parts for Vauxhall and BMW vehicles (which are currently supplied through the national contract in place), being more expensive,  NK explained that she had put a bid in for the difference - £60,000.

Action 2 – 16.10.13: Nikki Kelly to provide an update on the Capital budget to Sarah Gilding.

 3.5.1Trading Accounts        
 None produced this month.

3.6  Regional Working Update
3.6.1 Tranman Upgrade        
This is progressing. Brackets have not been supplied for the computer bases and the screens have still to be installed at Rotherham.  JB reported that she has completed the first lot of data testing and that Civica are returning tomorrow to work through any problems.  Currently the go live date is 5 November 2013 but both systems will have to run in parallel initially until all jobs on the old system are at a point they can be moved across.  JB reported  there is a lot of work to be done for the ‘scheduling’ part of the system.  SG reported that status codes will be reduced on the new system

Action 3 – 16.10.13: All Fleet Managers to log into the test system and report to SG with any problems they find.

3.7 Business Planning 

3.7.1Pool Cars and NIPs        
SG explained there had been problems recently locating pool vehicles and their log books for purpose of NIPs.  DC said that he could only log where the pool vehicle originally goes to but that a record will be kept.

3.8 Human Resources        
PDRs – There are currently 31 PDRs that are overdue, most of which are due to the realignment of PDR due dates. HA asked managers to make every effort to complete these PDRs and pointed out that the PDR process is shorter now.

Posts – A discussion took place about posts and it was agreed to delete one driver post that had been left vacant for some time and add this to the savings for the Department.

HA reported that she is leaving SYP and in the mean time all HR queries should be directed to HR Shared Services until a reorganisation of HR Operational Partners takes place. SG wished HA all the best and thanked her for the work she has done for VFM.

3.9 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
Nothing to report.

3.10 Performance         
3.10.1 Force Performance 
The force is not quite hitting its targets for crimes.  All we can do is prioritise getting vehicles back out on the road and place trap cars out with Districts to assist with the focus on detection of vehicle crime, which is what we focus on any way.  There have been issues recently with the fitting of equipment in trap vehicles and SG will refer this to the Policing Board.  On the whole TSU maintain the specialist equipment with VFM contributing in some instances e.g. moving cameras etc.  SG reported on some issues around a specific van that has been on loan to Sheffield District but the company have expressed an interest in selling it to us for a nominal fee, so in effect would be a donation but there are conditions to meet in agreeing to this.

Action 4 – 16.10.13: Nikki Kelly to get advice from the Head of Corporate Finance with regard to the ‘donating’ of a van and speak with the Sheffield District OMA about the vans future with SYP.
3.10.2 VFM Performance        
No issues at the moment.  SG reported that vehicle availability was good and the garages are within the target for turn round times. 

3.11 Equality and Diversity       
Nothing to report.

3.12 Stock Control        
Some obsolete stock has been written off recently and some of it sold on the Bumble Bee auction site.  SA reported there has been a problem with non- payment by Bumble Bee for the items they have sold.  However, JB said that we had received a remittance advice from them yesterday for some tyres.  The Driver Services coordinators are prepared to take responsibility for putting the items on to Bumble Bee to be sold but still need to be given authorised access to the site.

3.13 Sustainability         

A demonstration will take place this afternoon of an electronic bike and SG will report back to the next meeting about this.


4.1 Logging of Pool Vehicles
JB asked how this was being recorded and it was agreed to progress this by way of a spreadsheet, so that everyone can see it.

Action 5 – 16.10.13: Jo Buckley to ask Lauren Sampson to set up a simple spreadsheet to be used for  logging the location of pool cars, with one tab for each garage and then inform people how to use it.       

Date and time of next meeting
Friday 15 November 2013 at 9.30am in VFM Conference Room


Wednesday, 16 October, 2013 - 09:30