Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


VFM Management Meeting

9.30am Friday 15 November 2013 in VFM Conference Room

1. APOLOGIES -  Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, ________________________________________________________________

   ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM, (Chair)
    Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
    Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
    Askwith, Heather (HA) – Departmental HR Partner
    Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
    Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
    Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
    Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting on 16 October 2013 were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 16 October 2013.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

Action 1 – 15.11.13: Sarah Gilding  to chase OSS for the position with regard to Regional vehicles

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business
• Re-organisation of Yard at Churchill
• HR Operational Partner

3.4 Department Structure       
3.4.1 Savings
SG reported that the VER applications were approved as part of the savings plan.  Three band D Motor Vehicle Technicians (MVTs) are due to leave on 30/11/13 and a fourth MVT due to leave on 31/03/14 along with one Fleet Manager on the same date.

3.4.2 Planning for Doncaster Closure      
SG has spoken to Paul Garner at FM who confirmed that this has been passed to Regional procurement for them to appoint a consultant.  The consultant will see the project through and manage the whole move.  Once we know who this is, a meeting will be set up.

Action 2 – 15.11.13: Sarah Gilding to contact Nigel Hiller to find out about funding for the consultant and associated expenses.

Action 3 – 15.11.13: Mandy Stiles to set up a separate meeting at which to discuss how to move forward with the closure of Doncaster Garage in relation to staff moves and the options involved.

3.5 Finance
NK reported an overspend and although savings have been made from taking the vacant Driver post and Business Manager post out of the budget, an over spend had occurred mainly on vehicle parts and income from anticipated  jobs from Humberside which have not occurred.  Salaries are on target but there is a differential on fuel,  which equates to the fuel used by pool vehicles.  It was agreed to raise the uplift on fuel to 5% to compensate for this.
NK reported that she had put a submission into the centre in order to get more money into the vehicle parts budget next year, (based on current numbers on Fleet)  due to the increased  parts cost (as a result of contract inflation) and was successful.  NK said that Garage income is down and is £50,000 short of the budget set. 
With regard to the expenditure budget,  NK reported that Drivers had overtime of £1,600 but the majority of this should have been paid by OSS and Doncaster – these costs need transferring to them.  NK said she may be able to reduce the over time budget to help get the income right.  NK commented that the insurance charges are still not stripped out of next years budget profile.
NK discussed vehicle cleaning (via car wash cards). Most vehicles had received  2 – 3 car washes over a 3 month period, compared to some who had 16 – 18.  It was agreed to recharge for anything more than basic car washes. NK has e-mailed out to Business Managers to inform them of this decision.NK reported that we were overspent on operational vehicle equipment.
NK reported that in the capital budget, we had received, paid for or accrued for £976,000 of vehicle costs.  There is a further £706,000 which has not yet hit Oracle. 1.4 million has been spent on vehicles and 1.35 million is left in the budget.  DC confirmed new diagnostic equipment has been ordered.
SG reported the following issue which may need to be raised with SCT: Currently,  Arval provide us with a fuel card service but  the Government Procurement Service are preparing a new tender for this contract.  In the past Arval have been the company who could do everything we require. Currently they don’t charge a transaction fee which they are planning to charge and  they may add a £1.50 fee per transaction, no rebate and a £50 charge to cancel cards, so this is a major concern.  There may be a new company who may be able to provide us with the service that we need but it could be that Arval may be the only company who can, so the additional charges they are planning could be a major issue for us.

Action 4 – 15.11.13:       Nikky Kelly to arrange to find out how many transactions we currently make with Arval and make Corporate Finance aware of potential price rises.
3.5.1 Minimising Spreadsheet Errors      
SG reported that we need to inform Nigel Hiller of any spreadsheets we use for budget information, as they need to be checked by Audit and Performance, to ensure they are working correctly.  A discussion took place about which spreadsheets would be covered by this.  NK  agreed to check at the OMA meeting this afternoon whether or not the spreadsheets need to be checked by an independent person.

Action 5 – 15.11.13:     Nikky Kelly to update on what is expected with regard to minimising spreadsheet errors.

3.6 Regional Working Update       
3.6.1Tranman Upgrade 

SG reported that we have gone live with the Tranman upgrade and SG thanked JB for all her work on this. Extra touch screens will be installed at Rotherham in preparation for the re-location of Doncaster Garage.  DC reported he had received an e-mail from one of the technicians,  with regard to the touch screens.  HA advised to request Health & Safety to come out to do a risk assessment on this.  No issues of this nature have been reported at the Bodyshop.  SG confirmed that Steve Lowden was here today to move on with the project and will if there is time, do further training with the MVT’s.  More features will be added to the system as the rollout progresses. JB stated that starting and finishing jobs in real time, is important and that job cards must not be saved, to be finished at the end of the day.  This is non negotiable.

Action 6 – 15.11.13:   Sarah Gilding to send out an e-mail to say it is imperative the MVTs start and finish jobs in real time.

It was noted that some Forces have got rid of job cards altogether but it was felt that more discussion is required before we do this.  Benefits of not having Jobcards are:
• Job cards don’t need filing
• If its duplication anyway, why do we need them
• It should make MVTs complete jobs on screen in real time
Or we could just have one barcoded piece of paper with the parts sheet on the back.

3.6.2 Fire Service         
SG has visited the Fire Service to discuss how we can collaborate with them. They have a good facility in Rotherham,  but as far as obtaining work from them, things are very quite.

3.7 Business Planning        
3.7.1 CBRN Trailers

AS reported that the contract for these had expired.  There should be no problem in servicing them but there could be a problem moving them.  JB said that we do not have anything to move them with and Driver Services have been stopped from moving them.  SG suggested providing a cost for moving the trailers to include a Police escort and a driver. Howeber, it was agreed to put them back out to contract .

Action 7– 15.11.13: Andy Stockham to contact Wakefield Council about putting CBRN Trailers out for service with them.

3.7.2 Trap cars
A number of trap cars have been brought back.  SG has had an e-mail back from the Gold meeting but still has to be informed how we are going to deal with this.

SG trying to establish what process will be put in place as we need to ensure the trap vehicles are being deployed effectively.      

3.8 Human Resources  
HA advised that Rachael  Greenfield will be taking over as VFM’s HR Partner.
3.8.1 Diamond Review Update       
SG reported there was no change at the moment and that  the review is about utilisation of vehicles.  SG will send an update e-mail out to all in VFM but no further news at the moment.  SG said that as soon as she gets something in writing, she will communicate it.

3.9 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
3.9.1 Risk Register
Nothing to report.

3.9.2 Business Continuity
SG reported that she and DD would be attending a business continuity exercise entitled ‘Operation Echo’ which will take place at Niagara.

3.10 Performance         
3.10.1 Force Performance 

It was noted that the Force is missing its targets by around 10%.  Vehicle crime is still an issue.
3.10.1 VFM Performance        
SG reported that we are almost hitting the target on mechanical.  SG informed the meeting that we will need to have new reports for VFM performance.

3.11 Equality and Diversity       
Nothing to report.

3.12 Stock Control        
No stock takes have been done as we are currently concentrating on implementing the Tranman upgrade.  JB reported that she is looking at completing a stock take at the end of January.

3.13 Sustainability         
SG reported that an electric bike is due to arrive next week for demonstration purposes.  This is creating interest and the BBC are wanting to do a piece on this.

Action 8 – 15.11.13: Steve Anderson to update on the electric bike trial and provide feedback from users.

4.1 Yard at Churchill

JB said she was about to arrange for the yard at Churchill to be reorganised in order to move the trap cars to the back of the building where they cannot be seen from the road and also move new vehicles, disposals etc, so they are grouped together.

4.2 HR Operational Partner
HA said she had enjoyed working with VFM and SG wished her all the best with her new venture.     


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