Finance Committee Minutes







Present:           Mr Nigel Hiller (Chair)

                        Mr Geoff Berrett

                        Mrs Natalie Beal

                        Mr Robert Fennessy

                        Mrs Sharon Prasanto administration



  1. Minutes of last meeting held on 21 January 2013 and matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on 21 January were accepted as a true and accurate record.


  1. Revenue Monitoring (standing item)


Budget Monitoring report


Members briefly looked at the budget monitoring report which was going to Audit committee on Friday 22 March 2013.  NH asked if we could find out if the refund on rates is recurrent?     



  1. Capital Programme (standing item


Nothing to report.


  1. External Funding (standing item)


NB gave an update on external funding.  We are currently just below 6%, which is down on where we were for the total last year. 


  1. Capital DRF Approval (standing item)


            It was noted that £219,000 Direct Revenue Funding will be provided from the FM revenue underspend to fund the Carbrook project.


  1. Fees and charges


GB had raised this for Finance Committee however the issue had been resolved. 



  1. Items approved outside of FCM (standing item)


Several schemes were approved outside of FCM


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


The capital scheme brief schedule was updated.


Rachel Bailey had prepared a report on IS capital projects.  NH confirmed that the paper gave re-assurance that all the IS projects sent for approval were properly funded.


DC had asked to raise a query from Margaret Jaworski regarding the Snig Hill scheme.  NH confirmed he had spoken to Alison Beard and told her that he would speak to Margaret about it.



Action:                 NH to speak to MJ regarding her query on the Snig Hill Scheme



DC had asked for a formal record of the approval to vire budget from the Olympics to fund the EDL marches.  NH confirmed that SCT had formally approved the virement from the Olympics.


DC had asked for formal approval to vire budget from the football contingency to OSS to cover the football overspend.  NH to write to Chief Supt Rachel Barber.



Action:                  Approved.  NH to write to Chief Supt Rachel Barber regarding viring budget

                              from the football contingency to OSS to cover the football overspend



DC had asked to raise the issue of Newspapers.  Could we devolve the account code 4378 so that it will be charged to the recipient district and department.  This was approved by members.


DC had asked to raise the issue of Vehicle fleet recharges.  Members were happy to approve this. NH asked that it be piloted for one year.



Exchequer Issues (standing item)


RF gave an update on data for payments.  RF to find out how the process can be improved  in order to cut the current 17% of payments we make that we are unsure about down to 5%.  NH said he would like to see a weekly meeting set up with the Exchequer team to go through all payments in order to keep track of them all.



Action:                  RF to set up a weekly meeting with Exchequer staff to look at payroll and all

                               exchequer issues including payments in order to track any issues



RF gave an update on the current pension position.  He raised the issues of bad debt.  One of which was £10,800.  It was agreed to write off £8,800 of the lump sum and to recover the £2000 back from the debtor.  It was stated that we would get full recovery for the overpaid pension over 24 months. 


RF raised the issue of a debt of £1700 which had been overpaid by SYP.    It was agreed to take this debt to the small claims court in order to try and recover the outstanding money.



  1.  Any Other Business



Date and Time of Next meeting:     22 April 2013 – SCT meeting room, Carbrook





Thursday, 21 March, 2013 - 12:15