Finance Committee minutes








Present:           Mr Nigel Hiller (Chair)

                        Mr Geoff Berrett

                        Mrs Debbie Carrington

                        Mrs Natalie Beal

                        Mr Robert Fennessy

                        Mrs Sharon Prasanto administration



  1. Minutes of last meeting held on 23 November and 20 December 2012 cancelled


It was noted that the meetings held on 23/11 and 20/12 were cancelled and the capital scheme briefs approved outside of the meeting.  The capital scheme brief schedule has been updated.


  1. Revenue Monitoring (standing item)


Members were updated on the draft revenue monitoring report produced by DC. The projected outturn as at the end of December is £5.8m.  The Home office had asked for information re PCSO’s and DC confirmed she had drafted a response via OPCC.  DC wasn’t aware what response the OPCC had submitted.  DC confirmed the need to realign budgets for VFM to bring them more in line with Districts. It was noted that there was a need to vire some money to create a budget for fuel being used by pool vehicles.  NH requested that money be moved from Op contingency budget to MIPas it is currently overspent.



Action:                       DC to vire funds from Operation Contingency budget to MIP budget


The report showed that carry forwards were £600K outstanding.  NB raised issues regarding I-Proc dating back to July 2011 which could potentially cause half a million pound underspend.  Need to clear backlog of accruals/orders on system. DC stated she was due to attend a meeting with NB and also finance officers with a view to getting rid of the backlog and to give finance officers a clear set of protocols to apply which can be carried out monthly.  NH requested to see the exact numbers from each department in order to resolve this issue on a fortnightly/weekly basis and to set up a gold group meeting to facilitate this.



Action:             NB to send NH exact numbers of backlogs of accruals/ orders on i-Proc system




Action:                   DC/GB/NB to set up a weekly gold group meeting to look at the issues of

                                backlogs on the i-Proc system with a view to resolving the issues above



  1. Police Commissioners – Changes and impact of the role on the work of the Finance Committee


Geoff Berrett handed out copies of the draft minutes from the Corporate Governance Framework meeting which was held on the 14.1.13.  He explained that this meeting was set up to discuss and examine all governance issues and financial regulations for the Police & Crime Commissioner to fully understand.  The minutes were amended and various actions assigned and it was agreed that these be sent to Erika Redfearn asking her to provide members with a final version of the minutes.



Action:                 SP/GB to liaise to devise a way to incorporate the actions from the

                              Corporate Governance Framework and to ensure that the relevant staff

                              are informed



  1. External Funding (standing item)


NB not much to report other than 7% below last year.


  1. Capital Programme (standing item)


DC - Restated the budget based on November position where it had slipped £2.1M to 2013.  No variations to report.


  1. Capital DRF Approval (standing item)


Mobility and customer portal DRF of £500k approved outside of the meeting – capital scheme brief schedule updated.


  1. Items approved outside of FCM (standing item)


Nigel approved the scheme entitled Chronicle Dogs/Public Order on 17/1/13 – capital scheme brief schedule updated.


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


Refer to capital scheme brief schedule.


  1. Exchequer Issues (standing item)


RF gave an update.  Performance for pensions has increased to 83%.   NH asked RF to look more at performance figures for cases that have been closed within the timescale of 10 days. RF to review the process to ensure it is outcome based rather than workload based.


Exchequer - £2M as at 14.1.13 of which outstanding debt £1.78M and £840K has been paid over the past 14 days, the majority of this is from the region.


RF informed members that 57% of orders are through I-Proc.  There are still some purchases that aren’t going through i-Proc.  NH said that unless it is a building related order it should go through i-Proc.  RF to speak to Helen Willey in order to ensure that all purchases go through i-Proc.



Action:                      RF to speak to Helen Willey to ensure that all purchases go through the

                                  i-Proc system



RF raised an issue regarding the budget statement.  He said that the annual pension allowance may affect certain members of staff.  NH asked RF to ensure that a message was sent out to staff informing them of any significant changes on pension legislation and that it would be up to the individual to seek their own legal advice.  NH said that it would be a good idea for RF to speak to Gary Chapman asking if there was a website for help and assistance?




Action:                     RF to speak to Gary Chapman to find out if there is a website for help

                                 and assistance for staff regarding the impact that some staff may face in

                                 light of the new pension legislation


  1.  Any Other Business


DC asked that it be minuted that NH had previously approved that £615k of the underspend on unsocial hours be vired to IS to fund their VER costs. 


NB raised the issue regarding underwater search and what assets had moved since it had become a regional unit.  NH asked DC/NB to speak to Mark Reeve for clarification.




Date and Time of Next meeting:     28 February 2013 – 5th floor conference room, HQ






Wednesday, 23 January, 2013 - 12:15