Finance Committee minutes


10.00 A.M. THURSDAY 15 MARCH 2012






Present:         Mr Hiller (Chair)

                        Mrs Carrington

                        Mr Berrett

                        Mrs Beal

                        Mrs Bev Lindley




  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on Wednesday 22 February 2012 and Matters Arising


Mrs Carrington asked if Mr Hiller had received the information he required in relation to CASPRE and he said he had.  Mr Hiller said he would speak with    Mrs Bland as she was in overall charge of all developments.


  1. Revenue Monitoring


(a)        Mr Hiller said it had previously been agreed that a ‘quick fix’ would be the solution.  Mrs Carrington said that in January there was a projected underspend of £8.3M and this still remained so.  Mrs Carrington went on to say that in a leap year an extra days pay is paid to Police Officers, which equates to approximately £300,000.00 and every four years this figure needed to be included in the budget. 


(b)        Mrs Carrington said there was an issue with Team.  She went on to say that Mr David Morgan, Facilities Management, said that 90% of the energy readings on there were estimates and FM are currently looking into it.  She said that OSS have a problem with that, in the sense that they don’t know whether to budget for a high figure or a low figure and this would impact on next year’s budget.  Mr Hiller was concerned that at this stage of the financial year, it had only just come to light that Team were not carrying out the work they were employed to undertake, payment should be withheld from them. 













                        Mr Hiller said that he would make Mr David Livingstone aware of this situation and ask him to provide Mr Hiller with an action plan to resolve the situation and taking appropriate action against negligent staff.


Action:            Mr Hiller to forward an e-mail to Mr Livingstone informing                            him of the situation and the probable intention to withhold                                   payment to Team and seek redress from them if they are                             not fulfilling their contractual obligations.  (E-mail sent to                                   Mr Livingstone on 16.3.12)


(c)        Mrs Carrington raised the issue of Carry Forwards, saying that some Districts/Departments wanted to carry 10/11 forward to 12/13 but Mr Hiller said that depending on what the schemes were, the Police Authority might not approve the carry forwards.  Mr Hiller guided Mrs Carrington through the schemes and which he thought would more than likely receive approval.


(d)        Mrs Carrington said that in respect of POCA, she had said to the Districts not to assume they would get the POCA posts and although it wasn’t an issue this next financial year, it could become one in the future.             Mrs Carrington said that a Diamond Review was currently underway on this subject and Mr Hiller said he would ask Superintendent Harwin to look into this as part of the Diamond Review, bearing in mind that the POCA posts were intended to be self-funding.  Ultimately this may not be the case in future years, as the funds received recently were less than had been previously.  (E-mail sent to Superintendent Harwin on 16.3.12)


  1. External Funding


Mrs Beal said there had been an increase in external funding in March, which took the overall position to £15m over the past year, but this was £3.5M down from last year.


  1. Capital Programme


Mr Hiller agreed that Mr Livingstone could use a portion of the stock condition survey money for the forthcoming financial year to fund specific pieces of work on Carbrook and before extra money is sought, there will be a tendering process.


  1. Capital DRF Approval


            There was nothing to discuss under this heading.








  1. Items Approved Outside of the Finance Committee


            There were no items approved outside of the Finance Committee.


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approval


                        The Capital Scheme Brief in relation to Regional Network Links had previously been approved by JPAC.


  1. Any Other Business


            Mrs Carrington queried, on behalf of Mrs Kelly, the labour rates.  Mr Hiller said      the sum was £50.00, which reflected the market situation but it was not how long it took to do the job but what the market dictated the time it should take to do the job.  Mr Hiller said he would speak with Mrs Kelly about this.





            Date and Time of Next Meeting:        1.00 p.m. Tuesday 24 April 2012

                                                                        Mr Hiller’s Office





Thursday, 15 March, 2012 - 12:30