Finance Committee meeting



HELD AT 9.00 A.M. THURSDAY 24 MAY 2012




Present:                       Mr Hiller (Chair)

                                                Mr Berrett

Mrs Beal

                                                Mrs Carrington

                                                Mr Fennessy


Admin of minutes:       Ms B Lindley


Apologies:                   Mr Laughton





  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 24th April 2012 and Matters Arising


The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 15 March 2012 were accepted as a true and accurate record.  There were no matters arising.


  1. Revenue Monitoring


Mr Hiller said the provisional out-turn will go to IC&G on 25th May.  As is customary, no Budget Monitoring Report has been compiled for April 2012, however Mrs Carrington reported that a brief look by subjective, demonstrates that there appears to be an underspend on pay at this moment in time.


  1. External Funding


Mr Hiller said it was noted that this year end was, as had been in previous years, access to funds in the dying days of the financial year was very prevalent, which was surprising in the current financial climate.  Concerns were expressed over the lack of financial control in relation to the recent metal theft operations and it was pleasing to note that the Departmental Business Manager, Mrs Jane Walker, had advised CS Hotchkiss over the non-compliance with Financial Regulations and Standing Orders.











  1. Capital Programme


Discussion took place on the Oracle ERP Project and it was agreed that for the next meeting, the scheme would be consolidated in line with the agreed Police Authority approval.  Mr Hiller said it appeared that unnecessary duplicated work was being undertaken in Facilities Management, as a consequence of not using Project Codes for minor schemes.  It was therefore agreed that this would be corrected without delay. 


It was agreed that Keith would require Capital Scheme Briefs to be presented to the next meeting, for those who have not yet requested them and that a detailed conversation would be had regarding last year’s out-turn and the resources which are freed up and the Schemes which need to be carried forward.


  1. Items Approved Outside of the Finance Committee


The Airwave Motorcycle Refresh was approved by the Director of Finance, having previously received a detailed explanation from Mr Ian Maughan as how it could have got missed out of the replacement programme.


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


*Discussion took place on the seemingly new requirement for Robin Hood Airport being a terrorist diversion Airport.  It was pleasing to note that ACC Sahota had called together a meeting of OSS, SCS and Facilities, to try and gain an holistic position of the implications for South Yorkshire Police.  ACC Sahota had spoken with the Director of Finance the previous day to say that he expected all the costs to be picked up by the Department for Transport Grant or by the Airport, who will be receiving a direct Grant for this purpose. 


*Purchase of 3D Laser Scanner – Approved


*Mobile Crash Development – The paper was circulated late by BCD.  It was agreed to look at them, however, the CSB did not confirm that it had been approved by the Mobile Data project Board and did not have any revenue consequences, which seemed unlikely for an IS development scheme.  This CSB is being referred back to BCD and, if the issues can be resolved, it will be approved by the Director of Finance prior to the next meeting.


*Replacement of Blackberrys – This paper raised many questions over the existing budget provision.  It appeared that the Mobile Information Project was now underspent and that funds could be taken from the Mobile Information Project, yet no provision had been made to replace handsets, which appeared to be a larger issue. 








We need to assess, as the new devices are being purchased on a capital basis, where previously the equipment free and funded on a revenue budget.  Prior to receiving approval, confirmation needs to be gained as to what the true financial consequences of this.


*BCD Mobile Information – Again this paper was submitted late.  It appears the Project has commenced, but no revenue consequences are shown on the programme.  These details are required to gain approval, which can be done prior to the next meeting.


*Youth Offending Service Funding – The implications due to transfer to the PCC were noted and it was agreed to keeping a list of funding pots which will potentially go to the PCC.  Notwithstanding any operational impact, there did not appear to be material contingent liabilities on South Yorkshire Police’s Revenue Budget, should the PCC decide not to fund it.


  1. Scheme of Devolution


Mrs Carrington raised the issue concerning re-deployees and how they are dealt with in the scheme of devolution.  The scheme of devolution did not appear to specifically address this issue, but it talked around transfers.  It was agreed that rules on transfers should be used for re-deployees rather than introducing a new complication.


  1. Any Other Business


  • Mr Berrett raised the issue of BCD asking for questions for the Corporate Health Checks.  The following were suggested:


  1. What have the implications of the Regional Procurement Unit been for you and are you getting an adequate level of service from Chris Mottershaw and Joanne Osborne?
  2. Does BCD realise that Supply Chain Management is no longer a Department of South Yorkshire Police and that from 1st April 2012 it became a Regional Unit under the direction and control of            T/DCC Whyman .
  3. Each Business Manager has been asked to conduct an audit of space utilisation within the Districts/Departments and provide this information to the Head of Facilities Management.  As a consequence of this work how is it likely to change the relevant District/Department Accommodation Strategy.











  1. A question which should be asked is in respect of Revenue and Capital out-turn for the Districts/Departments, including why major Schemes have slipped, but also what outcomes weren’t delivered as a consequence of any under-spend.


  1. Asset Replacement Programmes – Can you confirm that your Asset Replacement Programme is discussed at your District/Departmental Management Meeting Team and what steps have you taken to ensure that a funded replacement programme is built into the Medium-Term Financial Strategy.





Date of Next Meeting:             9.00 a.m. Thursday 24 May 2012

                                                            5th Floor Conference Room, Police Headquarters


Thursday, 24 May, 2012 - 12:45