Finance Committee meeting



2.30 pm TUESDAY 26 JUNE 2012




Present:           Mr Nigel Hiller (Chair)

                        Mr Geoff Berrett

                        Mr Robert Fennessy

                        Mrs Alison Beard

Mrs Natalie Beal (attended for 45 minutes)

Mr Dan Blackwell

Mrs Sharon Prasanto (admin support)


Apologies:       Mrs Debbie Carrington


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 24 May 2012 & matters arising


The minutes of the last meeting held on the 24 May were accepted as a true and accurate record. 


Matters Arising


Final Accounts – Mrs Beal gave an update on where we are with the final accounts.  A report will go to Police Authority once it has been approved by audit around September.  Mrs Beal said that we were not far from concluding and there were no significant/major issues outstanding.  


Mr Hiller informed members he and Mr Berrett had attended a meeting with Rob Winter, the Chief Internal Auditor at Barnsley MBC.  He gave an update on the intended audit arrangements supporting the PCC.


Since the last meeting Mr Hiller stated he had received an internal audit report on Legal Services.  The report had included a lot of recommendations.  Mr Fennessy gave an update on where were with resolving the issues.  He said that the issues were relatively minor and could easily be resolved.  He was due to meet with a member of staff within Legal Services to further resolve the issues.             Mr Fennessy also gave a brief update on the current situation within OSS.



  1. Revenue Monitoring


Mrs Beard gave an update on the revised budget monitoring report.  She confirmed that we are still projecting an overspend of £770K, still to be identified.  The year to date we are £1M underspent.  Members went through the report in great detail and major changes agreed.  Mr Hiller asked that the savings plans be shown in the report.  


Mr Hiller said that £1.2M of the underspend from the last financial year will be spent on non-pay related matters.


  1. External Funding


Mr Blackwell gave an update on the current situation with regards external funding.  He said April and May this year to date is £1M, a 40% reduction on the year to date last year, but this was expected.  Concerns were raised about the metal theft grant.  Mr Blackwell had discussed this with the Finance Officer however there were still issues outstanding.  Mr Hiller asked Mr Blackwell to speak to Mr Hotchkiss regarding the concerns raised.  Mr Hiller requested that a monthly report for external finance was produced. 


Action:           Financial Accounts to produce a monthly report on External Funding


  1. Capital Programme


Nothing to report.


  1. Capital DRF approval


Nothing to report.


  1. Items Approved outside of the Finance Committee


There were three capital scheme briefs which were approved outside the Finance Committee and they were updated on the capital scheme brief schedule.


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


The capital scheme brief schedule was updated and the following schemes approved.


            SRP Unipar Speed Guns – CSD – Approved

            Mobile Information Development – amended – BCD –  Approved


  1. Any Other Business


Mr Berrett questioned how the excess savings of forecast retirements and leavers over District and Department savings plans of £3.033m were to be reflected in the CIPFA return for 2012/13 – these were originally expected to come principally from Community Policing.  It was determined that they should be recorded as a one line balancing figure.




Date of Next Meeting:          9 August 2012 – 10am – 4th floor HQ         


Tuesday, 26 June, 2012 - 12:45