Finance Committee meeting







Present:           Mr Nigel Hiller (Chair)

                        Mr Geoff Berrett

                        Mrs Debbie Carrington

                        Mrs Natalie Beal

                        Mr Robert Fennessy

                        Mr Phil Swain (Guest)



  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on 9th August and Matters Arising


The Minutes of the meeting held on 9th August 2012 were accepted as a true and accurate record.


  1. Revenue Monitoring (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said that the latest Budget Monitoring position shows an increase in the underspend of almost £3M.  This has been discussed with Steve Pick, who welcomed that this would give further flexibility of budget setting, the principle reason being the increase in savings through the unsocial hours payment, which will now be built into the MTFS.


Discussion then took place on the Olympics, which have yet to be completed, therefore the expenditure had not yet been charged to South Yorkshire Police.  Concern was expressed on carry forward bids not being spent.


  1. External Funding (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said that external funding was still reducing in a measured way.  He said work was being undertaken on future year projections.


  1. Capital Programme (Standing Item)


There was nothing to discuss under this heading.


  1. Capital DRF Approval (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said there were no Capital DRF Approvals.


  1. Grant Funding Withdrawals


Mrs Beal gave an update on discussions she had recently held with Inspector Mottram, who has now been suitably tasked to provide the necessary information for presenting the budget to the PCC.


  1. Exchequer Issues


There appears to be no back-log in submissions of invoices.  Payroll seems to be running smoothly.  Update on tax issues, these are still on-going.  Bank reconciliation not up-to-date but steps are being taken to address this issue.



  1. CIPFA FM Model – Testing new Service Against Questions in FM Model


It was agreed that we would review this through ‘light touch’ and the best way of doing this would be to dedicate a small period of time at each Finance Committee to go through the questions and highlight the key areas where there are issues which need investigating. 


  1. Items Approved Outside of the Finance Committee (Standing Item)


There were no items approved outside of the Finance Committee


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


CJAD – Caspre Phase 3 – Approved


CJAD – Digital Storage of Firearms Electronic File Storage – It was not clear if IS had seen the final version of these papers as required.  It was also unclear what the procurement strategy was.  It was agreed that within fourteen days Phil Swain will put together, with CJAD, suitable documentation which included written advice from IS and Regional Procurement.


Doncaster CCTV Temporary Recording Solution – Approved, to be financed from operational contingency.


VFM – Tranman Upgrade – Not approved.  More information regarding financing needs to be undertaken.


Command and Welfare Vehicles – This has previously been debated at a Senior Command Team meeting.  Prior to any capital approval, it would be beneficial if a joint paper from the Fire Service and OSS was presented to both Command Teams, setting out exactly what was being intended, what the capital cost was, revenue costs and how the costs are to be shared. 


OSS – Chronicle TSG Extension – There was no evidence that this fits in with the IS Strategy and it has been approved by IS.  The other aspects of the paper seem to be sufficient.  Prior to the next meeting confirmation must be received in a joint document from IS and OSS that this fits in with the IS Strategy.  It also needs to ensure it is compatible with the discussions taking place about regionalisation on dog training.


Beat Cell Van Replacement – CSB approved.  Discussion took place on whether these should be built into future financial plans.  It would be useful if a Business Case could be prepared by Sheffield District to Director of Finance explaining why these vehicles are essential and should be built into future Vehicle Fleet replacement programmes. 


Airwave Terminals – CSB approved.


  1. Any Other Business


Mr Hiller raised the issue of Facilities Management and it was agreed that by Friday 5th October 2012, things would be sorted with the Atrium/Oracle link.  Mr Fennessy to deal with this.


Mr Hiller said that the Capital Scheme Briefs that had not been approved appeared to now be incurring expenditure.  Mr Hiller asked that Mrs Carrington provide him with information so that he could formally write to Mr Livingstone seeking an explanation in respect of this.


  1. Date of Next Meeting:          2.00 p.m. Friday 26th October

5th Floor Conference Room


Friday, 28 September, 2012 - 12:45