Finance Committee meeting



HELD AT 9.00 A.M. FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 2012





Present:           Mr Nigel Hiller (Chair)

                        Mr Geoff Berrett

                        Mrs Debbie Carrington

                        Mr Robert Fennessy

                        Mr David Laughton (From 10.00 a.m.)




  1. Minutes of Meeting Held on 28th September 2012 and Matters Arising


The Minutes of the meeting held on 28th September 2012 were approved as a true and accurate record.


Matters Arising:           Tranman has been approved outside of the meeting.


Command and Welfare Vehicles – it was noted that no progress had been made.


Beat Cell Van Replacement – Sheffield District had declined the opportunity to have this funded in the Vehicle Replacement Programme.


Facilities Management are potentially outside of Financial Regulations.  Whilst Mr Hiller had received a verbal update from David Livingstone, there hadn’t been any formal response to the issue


  1. Revenue Monitoring (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said it was noted that the projected outturn is now showing an underspend of £3.74M.  The principle reasons are an adjustment of accruals on regional working.  There are no other material variances, just general underspending and delivery of Savings Plans.  It was noted that a virement had been undertaken from the unsocial hours payment to fund the VER costs associated with the IS restructuring.


  1. External Funding (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said that currently SYP were 9% below last year’s income received from external sources.  However, as SYP go towards the end of the year, the Force appeared to be successful in winning new funding.  The year-to-date £4.6M has been received compared with this time last year of £7.7M.


  1. Capital Programme (Standing Item)


Mr Hiller said that the National Police Procurement Hub has agreed to transfer the funds into the Oracle ERP budget.


  1. Capital DRF Approval (Standing Item)


There were no Capital DRF Approvals to consider.




  1. Items Approved Outside of the Finance Committee (Standing Item)   


Tranman as previously discussed.


  1. Capital Scheme Brief Approvals


*CJAD - Digital Storage for Firearms Licensing (Revised from last meeting on 28.9.12) – Approved


*CJAD - Electronic File Storage (non-Crime/PACE 12 Files) Revised from last meeting on 28.9.12 – Approved


*ISD – Asset Refresh 2012 – Approved subject to procurement being on the national framework contract through SCC.  It was noted that a procurement box had not been completed as it should be.


*CJAD – Version 3 – Electronic Storage of Firearms Files (Move to Carbrook)


Sheffield – *Replacement of Property Store Vehicle (Capital funded) – Approved


Sheffield – *Furniture Replacement – Approved


*ISD – Vehicle Radios and Airwave Terminals – Approved.  Dan to pick up with ISD the 164 radios which are not yet in the Asset Management Plan.  In relation to the Airwave Terminals, nobody has yet seen the credit note mentioned in the article.


*ISD - E-mail Migration – Approved.  It was noted, however, that marketing and training are not Capital costs and they would need to be contained within Revenue Budgets.


  1. Monthly i-Proc Accruals


Mr Hiller said that the close-down procedures had highlighted issues which required an amendment to monthly close-down rules in relation to this matter.  It was agreed that Mrs Beal would take ownership of this issue and put in place procedures, policy and advice.  There will be a discussion at the next meeting following the initial investigations into the issue.


  1. Discussion on Performance in Exchequer


Mr Hiller said that no performance indicators had yet been produced for Payroll and it was now important that they are produced at the next meeting of the Finance Committee.  In terms of the indicator for pensions, it highlighted a significant problem which Rob has already addressed with Geoff.  The problem was sort-staffing and major difficulties in recruiting to replace Maternity Leave.  Discussion took place on other Exchequer indicators and it was suggested that prior to any regional meeting of Heads of Finance or Finance Directors, that Rob would give an up-to-date position in relation to outstanding debts from other Forces in the Region.


It was agreed that Rob Fennessy would write to suppliers to obtain a statement on the transfer to PCC and see if there were any credit notes we haven’t taken.










  1. Oracle Update


Mr Laughton gave an update on the progress of the Oracle R12 upgrade.



  1. Any Other Business


Recommendation:     It is noted that there is no funding for the MIP project team beyond the end of the financial year. An exit strategy is now required.





Date and Time of Next meeting:     Friday 23rd November 2012

                                                                        5th Floor Conference Room






Friday, 19 October, 2012 - 12:45