Barnsley District Command Team Meeting

In Attendance: 

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response
CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods
T/DCI Steve Handley, Crime Manager
Mary Verity, Business Manager
Rachael Greenfield, HR Operational Partner
A/PS Gareth Hyde, Staff Officer
Inspector Darren Johnson, Doncaster


Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations

Copy to:  

Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer
T/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless
Lisa Ingham, Finance Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 4 March 2014 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 No actions.


4.1 Inspector Darren Johnson delivered a presentation in relation to the Mobile Information Project. 


5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets

All crime is currently down by 4.9% (31 less offences). 

Burglary dwelling has reduced by 40% (26 less offences). 

Vehicle crime has reduced by 27.4% (23 less offences).

Criminal damage is up by 1.9% (2 offences).

Violence with injury is up by 4.2% (2 offences). 

Hate crime is up by 300% (3 offences). 

The positive outcome rate is up by 30.4%.

Domestic incidents crimed are up by 7.9%.

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

 The Barnsley-v-Leeds match will take place on Saturday 19 April 2014.

Barnsley will play QPR on 3 May 2014.  This will be the last game of the season.

 The Easter Bank Holiday is anticipated to be busy.

 Planning is underway for the World Cup.

5.3 Closed.


6.1 Closed.


7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

SYPB.  A PPU presentation was delivered and an update given on progress.  All staff will be released by 1 April. 

DI McMahon has been posted into Training for 2 years.  DS John Fitzgibbons will transfer to Barnsley.

An update was given on the Crime Review, which was supported and approved. 

The Economic Crime Unit closure report was approved. 

The District review was discussed.  Various options are being considered.  Barnsley was applauded for the approach taken and the nature of the feedback.

Following the SYPB, there was a review of Gold and Gold Football.  A briefing was also given on the Hillsborough Inquest and the policing of football.

Partnership.  A new Health and Wellbeing Strategy is being developed.  Alcohol will be embedded within that in terms of alcohol abuse.

Work is ongoing to progress the PCCs money that has been given to the CSP for an Analyst and Police Officer to work within the partnership.

CI Hodgkinson is now a member of the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership meeting.  Further, and linking into alcohol, he has some plans around offender management for reducing repeat offenders.  As Barnsley currently has approximately 30% repeat offenders, violent crime will decrease considerably if this figure can be reduced.  A member of staff has been identified to lead the Perpetrator Management Programme. 

YOT Management Steering Group.  There has been an increase in first time offenders in the youth cohort.  This is inconsistent with the rest of South Yorkshire and the country.  Ben Finley and CI Hodgkinson are working on a Triage process for young offenders in an effort to reduce first time entrance.  Restorative diversionary activities are being considered.  The YOT will resource the Triage approach. 

Business Managers.  The issue of the Phonographic Performance Licence and Performing Rights Society was discussed.  The SCT have agreed that the use of radios, TVs and all other broadcasting equipment can only be used in the following areas; canteens, mess rooms, areas with the specific purpose of eating, conference rooms and offices that show there is a business requirement to access such broadcasts, eg. Corporate Comms, SCT, Classrooms and MITs.  Radios, TVs and any other broadcasting equipment will not be allowed outside the areas stated above.  Helen Willey has been asked to update the Intranet site in terms of the savings this will incur.  Chief Superintendent Brooke will also raise the use of the equipment at the District Commander’s meeting.

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary

No update.

7.3 Closed.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  The projects include Accommodation Strategy, CSE, CCTV Review, Health and Wellbeing and the potential co-location of Paul Brannan and his team.  The rollout of mobile devices will also be included, as will Continuous Improvement. 

7.5 Human Resource Issues


Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Discussed.

Awards.  Nominations have been identified for the Police and Partner Together Awards.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

The April Performance Visit has been cancelled. 

7.7 Closed.


8.1 CST.  A new diary system will be introduced on 7 May 2014.  All staff have been briefed.  Whilst Response will not see any major changes other than how the diary slots are managed, diaries will be introduced for CID and SNAs.  On Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Inspector Mitchell will provide one car from her SNA; Inspector Leake will provide a car on the remaining dates.  Action:  The new diary system to be reviewed at the Command Team meeting on 13 May 2014.











Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 10:00