Health & Safety - Doncaster - 26 February 2014



10 am Wednesday, 26 February  2014 



Present:         Chief Supt Richard Tweed  (Chair)

Mark Artley - UNISON

Insp Andy McFarlane (Federation)

Helen Haigh – Business Manager

Cheryl Fletcher – Team Leader        

Jo Morris – CJU

A/Ch Insp Pete England


Apologies:     Chief Insp Gwyn Thomas

Elizabeth Rudd - CJU

Claire Scott – Admin Support Officer

Ian Boulton – Facilities

Tammy Naylor - HR




1.         Chief Superintendent Tweed welcomed everyone to the meeting and emphasised the importance of Health and Safety meetings. 


Health and Safety is the responsibility of all members of the District and any issues identified should be addressed immediately and brought to the attention of the relevant supervisor.


Chief Superintendent Tweed would also like to express his appreciation for their attendance over the years and wish them well in their new roles/locations.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting dated 6 November 2013 – Approved


  1. Matters Arising – No matters arising


  1. Action Schedule updated




  1. Local H&S and welfare Policies agreed by Senior Management:  No issues raised at this time.   




  1. Managers/Supervisors Reports


Cheryl Fletcher raised an issue which the Enquiry Desk Staff had highlighted.  When they lock the foyer at the end of the shift, they felt it was a H&S issue when persons are still waiting to be dealt with by specific officers.  There was also the similar issue when they arrive in a morning and persons have come in as a place of safety.  (Action Schedule)


  1. Federated and Union Representative Reports:


Nothing highlighted.


  1. Health & Safety Training:


Nothing highlighted


  1. The latest Force H&S minutes  -  Issues discussed which caused no issues for Doncaster included:


Smoking Bins/Carrying of Equipment/Cannabis cultivation/Excess working/High Visibility Clothing


Other issues included:


E-Cigarettes – The use of these should be treated in the same context as regular cigarettes, persons wish to smoke should be completely off SYP premises.


De-Fibs – These cost approximately £1,500 each.  It is felt that the District should look at purchasing 3 to store in patrol vehicles.  Currently awaiting an update re funding from procurement.  Helen Haigh to update at next meeting.  (Action Schedule).


Space Blankets – Discussion took place as to whether these were required on District although an issue was raised in relation to the cleaning.  Helen Haigh is asked to provide costings (Action Schedule)


Fire Extinguishers in vehicles – Issue raised at Force level re the storage of full and empty canisters.  Policy in District is that it is a one for one swap and none are stored together.




PlanninG AND implementing – policies and procedures


  1. Generic/Specific work activity assessment completed.    


  1. All evacuation fire drills are up to date.        





Active Monitoring


  1. Workplace Inspections - Database updated.


Issue raised to the bike rack at Adwick being unstable when full.  (Action Schedule)


13.       Managers/Supervisors – No reports received. 


Reactive Monitoring


  1. Near miss forms   - no pattern identified.


Storage of items in the property store.  Stihl Saw left on floor covered over.  (Action Schedule)


  1. No investigations currently running.


  1.       Statistics –  No pattern identified.





  1. Audits  - Health & Safety – None outstanding


Force H&S Inspection – (Action Schedule)


  1.       Review – Degree of complaint with H&S Legislation/Standards

Achievement of strategy/policy

Action Plans for improvement – None outstanding at this time.  Should any arise details of such should be brought to the next meeting.








Football Season – Booking of AL/Minimum staff levels


Anticipate – PCSO shift patterns – Look at in the future




Q oHH     The next District Health and Safety Meeting is to be held at 10 am Thursday 5 June 2014, in the

Briefing room at College Road  













Storage of Cylinders

Cheryl Fletcher

Following a recent environmental study conducted at College Road, it was highlighted that when cylinders are seized by officers we do not have the facilities to store them within a covered area.  Discussion took place and a suggestion made that officers photograph the cylinders and arrange disposal from the location found rather than seizing.  There is a cost implication for disposal if seized and conveyed to College Road.

ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to make contact with Andy Helowicz re the carrying of cylinders in vehicles – are we covered by insurance?

There is no specific policy preventing officers from bringing in large electrical items as long as they are stored correctly (ie upright) and disposed of correctly with the correct company.

ACTION:  Supt Norman is asked to review the types of property brought in and its relevance for seizure.

12,000 items of property has now been disposed of resulting in an overall reduction of 50%. 
ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to confirm with Cheryl Fletcher whether the issue re cylinders has been resolved.

It appears that there is a policy for the removing of cylinders from police premises but not one for bringing them in.  This has been taken to the Force H&S.
Discussion re taking a photograph of the item and not bringing it into the station etc.  Possibly getting the company who collects from the Police Station to collect from the original location instead.

ACTION:  Helen Haigh to chase Jo Sampson re policy being taken to Force H&S. 

ACTION:  Helen to make contact with Fire Service to enquire as to what they do with cylinders etc.  May be able to link in with their arrangements etc.

ACTION:  Chief Supt Tweed to e-mail all staff advising them re the carrying of dangerous items.

ACTION:  Chief Supt Tweed to e-mail staff re the carrying of equipment in vehicles, particularly cylinders.  Advising that photographs should be taken of cylinders and the collection company advised to collect from the scene.

6.11.13 – Cheryl Fletcher to provide an update

UPDATE:  Response from Joanne Sampson.  No risk assessments due to very tight controls.  Normal circumstances dictate that the cylinder provider transports them.  In the odd circumstance Officers may bring in a cylinder due to evidence but then contact Calor or BOC.

26.11.13 – Cylinders are now very rarely taken and the situation has greatly improved.  Currently have one containing compressed gas.  Officer has been chased but states there is no known owner – suspect in the case is claiming it is his so requires to be retained. 


26.2.14 – The cylinder currently still is held cannot be disposed of until the court case has been finalised and the owner identified

ACTION:  A/Chief Insp England is asked reinforce with all officers that there are no facilities at College Road for the storage of cylinders and therefore all efforts should be made to dispose prior to leaving the premises where a cylinder is located.



























































Evacuation area – College Road

Helen Haigh Claire Scott

The current evacuation area for College Road is now not suitable due to a road being opened up etc.  This means that personnel have to cross over a busy road.  New locations for both Fire and Bomb evacuations are being sought.

ACTION:  Helen Haigh and Claire Scott to identify new areas (possibly behind the law courts for fire and pillar house car park for bomb) and approach the relevant agencies re their use. 

Jo Sampson has been requested to attend the District to identify a more suitable venue for the evacuation of staff following a bomb explosion.

ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to make contact with DMBC to firstly ask where their staff evacuate to.

Following discussion it was agreed that following a fire evacuation that staff parade on the area behind the Magistrates Court.

6.11.13 – Following meetings with Jo Sampson etc, it was decided to leave the evacuation areas the same it was deemed safe and suitable.


26.2.14 – The evacuation area for College Road will remain over the road as it has been deemed safe.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to re-circulate the policy.





















IOSH Safety Course for Managers

Helen Haigh

ACTION:  Helen Haigh to raise the issue with Delyth Williams to ensure the template re IOSH courses for senior managers is up to date.


Will also need to look at cover for Fire Wardens as CCTV staff who cover this over a 24 hr period will shortly be moving to other premises.

ACTION:  Claire and Helen to look at revising the list of Fire Wardens due to changes in staffing within College Road over coming months.


ACTION:  Tammy Naylor to identify whether all Inspectors and above have attended the full week course.


Due to the re-location of CJU and CCTV, new Fire Wardens may need to be identified. 

ACTION:  Claire Scott is asked to review the number of wardens following the centralisation of some departments, ie CJU and CCTV.  This should also include CJAD.


ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to provide a list at each H&S meeting of the forthcoming fire checks to be undertaken in the coming three months.






















Bikes at outside stations (none police bikes) 


Cheryl Fletcher

A large number of none police bikes are being stored at outlying stations. 
ACTION:  Cheryl Fletcher is asked to circulate an e-mail instructing that all property should be conveyed to College Road.
ACTION:  Cheryl Fletcher/Claire Scott to visit all stations checking for such property.

Bikes are still being stored at outlying stations  These are bikes collected as property but also officers own personal bikes with evidence of then being left in the station over the winter months.

ACTION:  Ian Boulton is asked to check if evidence of personal bikes being stored over the winter months rather than officers attending on a daily basis.

ACTION:  Claire Scott to note, during normal visits to stations, what the situation is regarding bikes (property and personal). 


Some bikes are still being held at stations but these have reduced due to instructions given and some being removed to college road.


Cycle racks are being fitted at outlying stations.


ACTION:  Once all work complete Helen Haigh is asked to circulate an email informing everyone of the facilities available and instructing that no bikes should be stored in corridors etc.


Issue raised with regard to the bike racks at Adwick which were fitted by the company building the new station.  It is felt they are too close together and the bikes become unstable when the rack is full.

ACTION:   Helen Haigh and Claire Scott are asked to look into this problem.

























Preparing for Winter - Summer

Ch Supt Tweed

The District must ensure that all vehicles and stations are properly prepared for the coming winter months.

ACTION:  Claire Scott is asked to make enquiries with regard to the supplying of winter tyres.

ACTION:  Claire Scott to ensure that the boot grips are circulated shortly.

ACTION:  Ian Boulton is asked to ensure that all relevant stations are stocked up with grit ready for the icy months.

ACTION:  Ian Boulton to make enquiries with regarding the gritting programme for the District.  College Road, DHQ and the Garage are all included.  Check whether these are still on the database together whether the new station at Adwick (Redhouse)/Mexborough or Rossington can be added.  An alternative would be to remove DHQ and add another property.

ACTION:  Claire Scott to make enquiries with Pete England re spared held in relation to vehicles (ie, bulbs, oil, screen wash)


Preparations are now required for the Summer months.  As staff will now start to travel to work on bikes, checks should made on the following:

  • Bike storage (covered in previous action)
  • Showers – clean, in working order, shower mats
  • Request for water coolers – PCC declined these































Ch Supt Tweed

At the Force H&S meeting the issue of de-fibrillators was discussed.  It was felt that 3 would be required at District.  A report is awaited from procurement with regard to the funding

ACTION:  Helen Haigh to update the meeting once this report has been received.




Space Blankets

Ch Supt Tweed

Another issue raised at the Force H&S meeting was the use of space blankets. 


ACTION:  Before being purchased for the District, Helen Haigh is asked to review their use, maintenance and cost for placing into patrol vehicles.




Persons left in the Foyer

A/Ch Insp England

Enquiry Desk staff raised the issue of persons being left in the foyer when they finish their shift and lock the doors.  It is felt that this is a dangerous practice should a fire break out.


ACTION:  A/Ch Insp England is asked to reinforce with duty Inspectors that the foyer is not a place of refuse and officers should ensure that persons awaiting their attention are placed into an interview room rather than left in locked foyer.




Near Miss – Safe Storage

Cheryl Fletcher

Following the submission of a near miss form it was highlighted that a stihl saw had been left on the floor with items placed over it, therefore not in view and was almost stood upon.

ACTION:  Staff are asked to be more vigilant and ensure that all dangerous items are stored correctly and safety.




Force H&S Inspection

Helen Haigh

The Force H&S Inspections are conducted every 5 years.

ACTION:  Helen Haigh is asked to confirm when Doncaster’s is due and what preparation actions are required.




Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 - 12:00