Doncaster District Command Team Meeting - 14th April 2014


Briefing Room, College Road Police Station, College Road

Monday 14th April 2014


PRESENT:     A/Ch Supt Peter Norman (Chair)

                        A/Supt Craig Robinson (Operations//Crime Manager)

                        T/CI Jakki Hardy (Partnerships)

                        CI Adie Brown (Operations)

                        CI Gwyn Thomas (SNA Operations)

                        Helen Haigh Business Manager)




Ch Supt Richard Tweed, Supt Eddie Murphy, Lisa Ingham, Phil Swain, T/DCI Steve Whittaker, Tammy Naylor.





Previous Minutes

Minutes from previous meeting approved.


Action Schedule

Action schedule reviewed and updated.





CAP and Targets A/Ch Supt Norman provided an update.  Overall crime and burglary have risen slightly however, vehicle crime has seen a small reduction.  Staff at District continue to work hard to meet the demands at District and are thanked for their continued efforts.


Performance & Governance Meeting Actions 2 x outstanding updates on the TEN’s system for T/DCI Whittaker.


Performance of Support Departments Any issues to be raised via CI Gwyn Thomas who will feed back to the centre.


CIT Update CI Brown discussed office moves between operational staff on the first floor now that a number of staff have moved to centralised locations.  These moves will enable staff to be more effective and improve handovers.  In liaison with Helen Haigh.


Monday, 14 April, 2014 - 10:30