Nuisance Motorcycles

Affected location: 


Date priority was agreed/renewed: 

Wednesday, 13 June, 2012

Action taken: 

Over the past few weeks a motorcycle was taken from a male who was not from the Adwick area. The male said that he had been advised that he could use the Brodsworth Community Woodland to ride his motorcycle, however ignorance is no excuse and his motorcycle was seized.

June 2012

During this month 2 motorcycles have been taken from two local youths. One Off Road pit bike was seized from a youth who had a 2yr old infant sitting on the fuel tank, the infant was wearing NO protective clothing or a helmet. The bike was seized and the youth will be processed in due course.

The other motorcycle was seized from another local offender, this time the road legal motorcycle was taken under S59 of the Police Reform Act for his continuing anti-social use of a motorcycle on the public highway, it has now been destroyed.

 19th June

Last night we had reports of an unregistered quad bike being ridden in the Squares at Woodlands. This quad could be linked to an earlier incident in Bentley where an abandoned quad was found by local beat officers. If you have any information as to where this quad may be or who the offenders may be please contact us confidentially on 101 or email us at

 9th July

Since the 19th June Local Beat Officers have seized a large green Quad from a youth on Roman Ridge Highfields. Please see our Facebook page for more details, you can find us at Doncaster North SNA

16th July

Two reports of nuisance motorcycles have been reported over the weekend however the SNT has been on its weekend off. The council NRT team were advised and attended but nothing was seen or heard at the time.  Since we have been back on duty we have had significant information as to the identification of the offenders.

6th August

 Although we have received a couple of reports of Motorcycle nuisance, we have not yet caught the offenders. If you have any information with regards to this nuisance, please contact us on 101 or e-mail us privately at

8th August

Today was the monthly PACT meeting for Adwick. No one turned up so the priority has not changed.

18th August

 6th September

Officers from the local SNT have spent a lot of hours patrolling the area and  we have not received a single call from this area since the 18th August with regards to nuisance motorcycles. We will continue to patrol and reassess this PACT priority at the next meeting on 19th September.