Reporting antisocial behaviour

There are many different types of antisocial behaviour and in some cases, other local authorities are responsible for dealing with antisocial behaviour issues. Please have a look at our checklist so see which organisation would deal with your issue. You can follow the link and report it online, or ring the contact centre on the numbers shown below.

Police responsibilityCouncil responsibility
BeggingAbandoned vehicles / parking issues
Dealing / taking drugs and drinking alcohol in the streetDead animals
Gangs and youths drinking in parksDog fouling

Harassment or intimidation

Fly posting
Fly-tipping (happening now)Dumped, fly-tipped waste (nobody present)

Hate crime related graffiti (motivated by prejudice 
or intolerance towards an individual's nationality,
ethnicity, religion, gender, identity, sexual orientation or disability)

Graffiti (non-hate crime related)
Misuse of fireworksLittering
Dangerous, out of control dogsLost, stray or barking dogs
Threatening / violent neighbour disputesNoise disputes, nuisance or DIY related noise
Prostitution and indecent behaviourSyringes or needles
Suspicious vehicles 
Hoax calls to emergency services 

If the antisocial behaviour issue that is affecting you is the responsibility of the police, please contact us on 101 or report your incident online here.

If the antisocial behaviour issue that is affecting you is the responsibility of the council, please contact your local council using the methods below:

In Barnsley, call 01226 772468 or report by email to Barnsley Council

In Doncaster, call 01302 736000 or report Online to Doncaster Council

In Rotherham, call 01709 382121 or report Online to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

In Sheffield, call 0114 2734567 or report Online to Sheffield City Council

If you have reported antisocial behaviour and are dissatisfied with how the situation was dealt with by the agency you reported it to, you may be able to action a 'Community Trigger'. Click here to find out more.