Economic Crime Unit

This department is made up of 4 units, Research and Development, Fraud Squad,  Accounting Technicians and Asset Recovery Unit. The unit is staffed during office hours Monday to Friday.

The unit are founder members of the Yorkshire and Humber Fraud Forum;  a joint police and private business partnership that aims to reduce the threat of fraud within our business community by raising awareness.

Research and Development

This department receives intelligence relating to, and reports of, fraud,  either directly from members of the public or referred to us from partner agencies. It is the point of contact in the force for Action Fraud the national fraud reporting facility. Through our close liaison with other partner agencies and financial institutions all reports of fraud are assessed and allocated where appropriate for investigation.

Fraud Squad

Staff within the ECU Fraud Squad deal with high value and complex fraud cases. Their role is to work closely with partner agencies including the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

Accounting Technicians

Their role is to analyse the financial evidence and give expert to support the work of the Economic Crime Unit and District investigations.

Force Asset Recovery Unit

The Asset Recovery Unit are mainly responsible for obtaining Crown Court Confiscation Orders against defendants convicted of offences for which they have obtained some kind of benefit from acquisitive crime; whether it be by stealing/fraud/drug dealing etc.

 The Confiscation process follows conviction, and is often a lengthy complex process that may take up to 2 years (longer in exceptional circumstances) and involve several Crown Court hearings before conclusion.

Defendants are more likely to contest these proceedings more vigorously than in the criminal case, because the consequences of losing their wealth is seen as a greater hardship than a custodial sentence. This unit works closely with the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART)

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