VFM Management Meeting



1. APOLOGIES -  None. 

 ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM, (Chair)
    Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager,
    Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
    Greenfield, Rachael (RG) – Departmental HR Partner
    Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
    Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
    Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
    Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
    Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)

The minutes of the previous meeting on 19 February 2014 were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 18 March  2014.  SG thanked Steve Anderson for all his hard work over the years and wished him all the best for his retirement.


• Astra Spare Wheel

5.1 Savings

Nothing further to report.

5.2 Planning for Doncaster Closure
SG reported that NH had approved the costs and had given the go ahead for the move.  Vetting of the contractors is due to take place this week in an effort to start work on the move next week.  We are waiting to receive the schedule of works from the contractor, which potentially should be1 week of work.  1st April is still set as the moving date.  It was noted that it will be for FM to decide if they will sell the site with a viable fuel tank or not and this may depend on what interested buyers want. It was agreed to speak to suppliers with regard to Impress stock and whether or not to return it before the move.

Action 1 – 18.03.14: Andy Stockham to  speak to suppliers with regard to Imprest stock and whether or not to return it before Doncaster Garage moves to Rotherham.

Action 2 – 18.03.14: Mandy Stiles to arrange to return the MFD currently based at Doncaster Garage.

Action 3 – 18.03.14: Mandy Stiles to draft a letter to all suppliers of Doncaster Garage to inform them of the closure on 31 March 2014 and inform them of the move to Rotherham Garage.

A discussion took place about touch screens and it was noted that no caballing had been installed at Rotherham for the two that were planned for installation in the mechanical side of the workshop.  It was agreed that SG would speak to the Project Manager about this as it is not felt they are needed.  It was agreed that if these haven’t yet been paid for we would manage with the two touch screens already installed in the Bodyshop.

Action 4 – 18.02.14: Sarah Gilding to speak to the Tranman Project Manager about the 2 touch screens that were planned for the mechanical side of Rotherham Garage.

Action 5 – 18.02.14: Joanne Buckley to contact Pump and Tank with regard to the relatively new oil tanks they installed at Doncaster Garage to ascertain if they could assist in finding a buyer for them.

NK stated that our current Finance Officer has now gone on secondment and the replacement Finance Officer works Wednesday to Friday.

Stocktakes have been scheduled in for 28 March 2014 but we will still have to produce a stock value as at 31 March 2014.

6.1 Revenue and Capital Update
NK reported a £132,000 over spend and the reasons for this. Payroll for year end is coming in at a £22,000 under spend which has occurred due to maternity leave and part-time working.  There is £182,000 remaining in the Capital budget but there is £64,000 of stock on order to come out of this.
NK requested that any overtime worked be claimed for as soon as possible before year-end.  It was noted that forms for disturbance allowance had been completed for the 2 members of staff affected by the move from Doncaster to Rotherham Garage.  NK reported that from 1 April she will trial streamlined codes for the fuel. 

6.2 Trading Accounts
None produced.

7.1 Tranman Upgrade

A discussion took place about what had been paid for so far. The bar coding is in now and appears to be working well, although SA thought it was a little slow.  Now moving into phase 2 – automated e-mail set up for when jobs are finished which will send automatically; also an e-mail when an accident job is generated, from Insurance to the Bodyshop.  This will also include a fault reporting system.  Ultimately, there will be a dashboard of information, set out in different groups, which will give key performance indicators.

Action 6 – 18.02.14: Mandy Stiles to set up a separate meeting with regard to issues with the service schedule and glitches at Churchill Way in order to come up with a standard format for both garages.

7.2 Fire Service
No further update.  DD will pick this up again now he is back from leave.

Nothing to report.

9.1 Diamond Review Update

This is in the early stages of looking at Districts and Departments fleet, in terms of vehicle usage, hire vehicles etc.  SG and Richard Lambert are planning to hold a meeting with Department Heads and Commanders as many reviews are in process which will also affect this review.

9.2 PDR’s
RG reminded everyone that the PDR process has changed  and that the PDR process now starts for everyone on 1 April and all are due  for return to HR by 31st May each year.

9.3  Sickness
A separate meeting will take place to discuss this.

9.4 Training
The BMW training has now been organised.  RG said to let her know if anything else needs flagging up.

9.5 Flexible Working Review
Item carried forward to the next meeting.

Nothing to Report.

11.1 Force Performance

The Force Performance figures appear to have been removed from the BCD website, so item not discussed.

Action 7 – 18.02.14: Sarah Gilding to speak to BCD about what has happened to the Force Performance figures as they are no longer on the Intranet. The concern being that we are supposed to be reporting against this.

11.2 VFM Performance
There are no VFM Performance figures due to the Tranman upgrade

 SG reported that this would be linked into Tranman and will be part of the ‘dashboard’.

11.4 Fleet News Awards Nomination
SG reported that SYP had been nominated along with two other organisations for Fleet of the Year in the 501 – 1,000 vehicle category of the Fleet News Awards.  The Awards Ceremony is tomorrow at which the results are announced. SYP is the only Police Force that has been nominated in any category.

Nothing to report.

Plans are in place for end of year stock takes.

14.1 Eco Stars Scheme

The idea behind this scheme is to assess the current fleet, looking at vans and HGV’s specifically and award a star rating from 0 to 5.  We currently have a 3 star rating.  This is then reviewed year on year and with help from the Scheme put measures in place to improve.  It was noted, that Telematics is an area where it appears the most improvement can be made.

14.2 Eco Business Driving
SG reported this would be trialled starting in April and is mainly about driving more efficiently.  The starting point is likely to be driver services and then link in with Driver Training in order to cascade this ‘training’ to the Force.

15.1 Astra Spare Wheels

A recent ‘Question to the Chief’ highlighted that the policy in regard to (Astra) spare wheels was not always being followed.i.e.don’t carry them in the boot but store locally (in Police Stations).  It is clear that most Districts and Departments have put measures in place and are adhering to this.

Action 8 – 18.02.14: Dave Day to send a reminder out to Business Managers regarding the instruction that loose tyres must not be carried in the boot of vehicles and ensure that a designated storage area is identified within Districts and Departments to store them until required.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 16 April 2014, in the VFM Conference room.


Tuesday, 18 March, 2014 - 13:30