Barnsley District Command Team

In Attendance:  

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response
CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods
DCI Craig Jackson, Crime Manager
Mary Verity, Business Manager
T/PS Jonathan Greaves, Staff Officer, Attercliffe
Inspector Julie Mitchell, Central & West SNAs


Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
A/PS Gareth Hyde, Staff Officer
Amanda Sanderson, HR Operational Partner

Copy to:  

Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer
Lisa Ingham, Finance Officer



1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 10 June 2014 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 PSU – Increase in Staff.  Chief Supt. Brooke to liaise with Inspector McWalter in respect of the issues.  Chief Supt. Brooke to then discuss with Commanders in respect of a corporate approach.  Ongoing.   


4.1 T/PS Greaves gave an update on the development of ARLS and its linkage to visibility, explaining how the system would fit into the new Force performance headline measures.  The Oracle Business Intelligence System uses data from ARLS to measure when officers are in a certain area or more than 100 metres away from a Police Station, although the latter distance is currently being re-evaluated.  The system recognises two Status Codes only when officers are unavailable, ie. Status Code 4 and the Code for Court.  For all other codes, the system will count officers as being available and visible.

T/PS Greaves gave a demonstration of the system and its capabilities, advising that the data was only available at this time for Sergeants and Constables and it did not include Inspectors and above.  In addition to viewing visibility in geographic areas, the parameters can be altered to customise areas and view historical data.  Comparative data will be available in due course. 

At this time, only a small number of individuals can access the system, however, there are 50 licences in total and Superintendent Morley, the Force Lead on Visibility, will be responsible for allocating these.  Members of the Command Team agreed it was a useful tool for Districts in terms of measuring performance data and officer visibility in a designated area. 



5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets

All crime is currently up by 7.9% (315 offences). 

ASB is up by 7%, predominantly around youth nuisance.

Burglary dwelling is up by 16.2% (44 offences).  This remains a key focus for the Force. 

Vehicle crime has reduced by 10.4% (15 less offences).

Criminal damage has increased by 7.3% (48 offences).

Violence with injury is up by 20% (73 offences). 

Hate crime is up by 42.3% (11 offences). 

Shoplifting has seen a rise of 60 offences.

Compared to the same period last year, the positive outcome rate is up by 6.6% and it is currently running at a 33.6% detection rate. 

Action:  Secretaries to arrange a meeting for the Command Team to discuss resources and structures including future plans and vulnerabilities.

CI Hodgkinson reported on the Signals from Noise performance data advising there had been a big improvement on last month.  Reported crime has reduced significantly in the last month, although there has been a significant increase in overall reported crime in the last 8 days.

In terms of priority crime, there has not been a big increase in burglary offences or vehicle crime.  In respect of volume crime, however, theft from the person is up by 13 offences and theft from vehicles by 22 offences.  There has also been an increase in shoplifting offences.  A discussion followed around retail crime and the use of Specials to focus on this issue and act as a visible deterrent in the hotspot areas. 

Analysis is required around drive-off offences, which is a contributory factor to the increase in All Other Theft offences.  Action:  DCI Jackson to confirm what offences fall within the All Other Theft category.

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

 The Tour de France operation was a success.  Appreciation has been extended to officers and staff involved in the event.

 The World Cup is ongoing.  There are no key threats or risks associated with this.

 A Trade Union strike is planned on 10 July 2014 and a pensioners march on 12 July 2014. 

An EDL march will take place in Doncaster on 19 July. 

The Chief Constable will patrol with staff this evening on Operation B-Krib.


6.1 Closed.


7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

ASB.  Work is ongoing around the new ASB Act, which will be implemented in early autumn.  This will involve significant changes and key pieces of work.  Criminal Behaviour Orders will replace ASBOs with Section 30 and Section 27 notices being replaced by dispersal powers.  Training sessions will be held over the next few weeks for staff.

A new Community Trigger will be introduced in September 2014, which gives members of the public, or anyone on their behalf, the right to complain to all agencies about how they have been dealt with in relation to issues in their local community.  Agencies then have a duty to sit down and look at everything they hold in respect of that individual to see how they have dealt with the matter and to determine if there is a case to progress further. 

On 1 August 2014, a new ASB process will be introduced locally.  From the moment an ASB incident is called in and is dealt with, risk assessment processes will be considered at every stage, particularly if it should escalate, in order to pick up any vulnerability repeats.  This will incorporate a weekly meeting with CI Mahmood to discuss the pertinent individuals.
CI Mahmood will put together a package for officers around the new ASB Act with a view to running some awareness events across the District.  An input will be given at StreetSkills and it is anticipated that officers will also have to complete NCALT training.

Op Dark Nights was discussed.  Funding is being sought to run initiatives over the period of Halloween.

The Force has seen an increase in ASB.  A problem profile will be prepared to look at this in more detail.


Stop and Search.  It is anticipated that there will be another inspection around Stop and Search.  CI Kent is conducting a review of processes to identify any gaps across the Force. 

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary

To be discussed within the Business Plan meeting.

7.3 Closed.

7.4 Closed.

7.5 Closed.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

A Performance and Governance meeting will take place on Wednesday 9 July 2014. 

7.7 Audit Reports

 No items.

7.8 Cash Handling – Bumble Bee Review

A couple of recommendations came from the Bumblebee Cash Handling Audit.  These were implemented at Barnsley and all actions have since been completed.


8.1 Custody.  Mary Verity suggested it might be pertinent for the Command Team to have a discussion around the potential to relocate teams during the period of the new Custody build.  Action:  To be incorporated in the meeting around resources and the District structure.

8.2 Property.  Work to reduce the amount of property held at District is ongoing.  Due to the pro active work of the Property Clerks and Karen Dixon, one of the garages is now empty.  The intention now is to relocate any outstanding property to Wombwell and costs have been obtained from FM in relation to bricking up some garages and the old car wash at that location.  As the costs amount to £24k, however, FM has been asked to explore other options. 

In relation to the key decision making around the disposal of property, discussions will take place with a couple of supervisors with a view to them overseeing this.




Tuesday, 8 July, 2014 - 10:00