Police in Rotherham advise residents to keep their homes safe whilst enjoying the hot weather

Police in Rotherham would like to warn residents that the good weather could easily cause a sudden rise in burglaries as people leave themselves vulnerable to opportunists and sneaks.

Most burglary offences occur in homes where doors and windows are left insecure.

The hot weather will bring out burglars as people leave doors and windows open or on a locked latch with handbags, purses and keys left very close to the open door. Homeowners are also leaving ground floor doors and windows insecure, which burglars can easily reach and climb through.

People should remember that whilst enjoying the weather and the summer in their gardens, they should always be vigilant regarding the security of their homes.

• Make sure you always lock doors, windows and gates even when you are home.

• Lock your sheds and garages.

• Check that the garden is clear of objects that can be used to break doors and windows, and remove anything that aids climbing.

• Lock bicycles and keep them in secure garages.

• Do not leave bags, purses, keys or valuables on view near doors and windows.

• Laptops, i-pods, games consoles, satellite navigation systems and mobile phones should be hidden from view.

If anyone would like any further information regarding the security of their homes, they are advised to contact their local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101.