Barnsley District Command Team Meeting


In Attendance: Chief Superintendent Liz Watson (Chair)

Superintendent Shelley Hemsley, Operations

A/DCI Gary Askew, Crime Manager

Mary Verity, Business Manager

Amanda Tankard, HR Operational Partner

ACC Jo Byrne

Lisa Ingham, Finance Officer


Apologies: CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response

CI Debbie Mahmood, Safer Neighbourhoods/Partnerships

Copy to: Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer




1.1 As above.




2.1 ACC Byrne was welcomed to the meeting.


2.2 The minutes of the last meeting dated 14 October 2014 were agreed as an accurate record.



3.1 None set.




4.1 Chief Supt. Watson advised she had met with DCI Sarah Pullman from the PPU resulting in a District CSE Tasking meeting being established (now chaired by Supt. Hemsley).


4.2 Keith Forshaw was due to present a Criminal Justice Programme Caspre update at today’s meeting, however due to unforeseen circumstances this will be rescheduled.


ACC Byrne advised the CJ programme is currently out for consultation across South Yorkshire and Humberside. The tendering process will commence in January and it is anticipated the new supplier will be announced by spring 2015.



5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets


All crime has reduced to 7.9% (from 8.7% one month ago).

ASB is up by 4%.

Burglary Dwelling – increased to 13.9% (80 offences). 42 burglaries have been committed within the last 28 days, District are however still within the set target of 1.5 burglaries per day. Burglary dwelling is still a priority for District with priority crime area patrols being established.

Vehicle Crime. Highlighted at 8.9% (11 less offences).

Violence with Injury. Reduced to 19.5% from 22% (170 offences).

Hate Crime. Twenty more hate crimes have been reported this year amounting to a 29% increase.

Shoplifting. Reduced from double figures to 4.4%.

CSE. Five instances within the last month which is within the set target.

Domestic Crimes. District are focusing on this topic, however an increase in numbers has been seen across the Force.

Sexual Offences – increased numbers have been seen.

ACC Byrne confirmed the Force is in receipt of the outcomes data and a breakdown of this will be issued shortly.

ACC Byrne met with the new HMI, Mike Cunningham, recently. It is anticipated that performance will be more about Police Forces understanding its demand, that strategies are in place to reduce that demand and Forces are making best use of resources to tackle the issues. Work will be completed around individual District’s main crimes and what is affecting local communities.


5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

An Op Blitzen Order covering the Christmas period has been published. Dog resources and town centre operations have been established in respect of acquisitive crime.

Op Micron – there is potential for strike action to take place on the 19th December 2014. It is felt the majority of staff at Barnsley will work, however Specials are being trained in the use of CCTV in order to maintain that capability. ACC Byrne advised officer leave will be cancelled on this date and use of BCD and other areas of the organisation which are not affected by cancelled rest days will take place.

A Fire strike is taking place today.



6.1 Closed.



7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

Force Performance Meeting. The focus was on the Offender Management processes and handling of stolen goods. CI Mahmood, DI Hancock and PS Barker have met, one issue raised is that there are a number of high profile prolific offenders being released on licence with £10 and no fixed abode. Following an update from Rotherham in respect of how they have addressed this, a meeting has been set with Probation and the LA Emergency Housing to try and remedy this.

IOM processes and links to Probation are ongoing.

The new FOTs process will initially be directed to the Performance Crime Team DI who will then allocate accordingly.

Local Policing Board. There was a presentation around mobile data with the new Panasonic Tough Books being rolled out to District on 22 January 2015. Super Users have been trained and vehicles allocated. There is positive feedback from Woodseats officers who piloted the project but following review of usage, this tends to spike in the first few days of use, then officers gradually return to Police Stations. ACC Byrne stated officers need to be highly visible when parking up to complete any work.

DMS System. There is an agreement that SY will have a central team to cover all DMS tasks with staff being potentially based at Atlas Court. Reviews are taking place around having two supervisors and approximately 21 Grade B staff working alongside an ops. platform at Atlas.

Op Collaboration is a Rotherham initiative where Immigration are working closely with the IOM Team targeting EEA offenders in order for removal from the country. Rotherham are now looking at how this can be rolled out across other Districts, one option is to have an Immigration Officer working with IOM, the other is to have a central team based at Rotherham and linking in. CI Mahmood and PS Barker form part of that Working Group.


LPT Workshop. Mary Verity attended to discuss with Facilities and IS the plans for removal of walls and resources such as vehicles and lockers etc.

LPU meetings have been scheduled to discuss assets, accommodation and staff being updated etc. Concerns have been expressed by staff as to where they will be working from, therefore early in the New Year the Command Team will begin managing that process.

ACC Byrne advised that staff are currently preparing something to feed back on Twitter in January. She stated that officers should be prepared for doing business in a different way and working as a team.

Workshop Meeting. Discussion took place around flexible working. Barnsley have requested a framework.

OMAs will be centralised early February 2015. Lisa Ingham has been requested to continue to support District for a further 6 months. Assistance for Lisa is being sought.

Serious Case Review Sub-Committee. A/DCI Askew will attend the next meeting scheduled for February, however he queried who will take over the role once Re-active have been centralised. Following discussion, it was determined that DI Fitzgibbons was the most appropriate officer, with CI Mahmood attending in his absence.

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary


A request has been submitted to FM for relocation of the Vulnerable Witness Suite from Dodworth. Although there is a central fund for LPT changes, District have already agreed to pay half the costs of improving the Vulnerable Witness Suite area at Wombwell which amounts to £7k. Work has been completed on the garages at Wombwell in order that property can be moved across.

Discussion will take place within the Business Plan meeting in respect of the Re-active move and transference of the overtime budget.

Modernisation Plans will be removed as a standing agenda item.

7.3 Closed.

Business Continuity – Op Micron – see item 5.2.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects. Eight projects have been identified, some of which have been updated.

H&W-B accommodation.

Potential co-location of BMBC.

Mobile information project.

Serious improvement.

Vulnerable Witness Suite.

7.5 Human Resource Issues


Personnel & Welfare Issues. Vivienne Davison will be invited to future District HR meetings. It was requested that any key issues be raised at this meeting. Amanda Tankard advised she had started work on a spreadsheet for the new structure in order to identify any gaps.

Awards. The District Award Ceremony took place in November 2014.

Nomination for a Women’s Network award has been circulated on the Intranet.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

Superintendent Hemsley has reviewed this and requested clarification on certain actions.

Barnsley to review payments made in relation to top mobile usage. Mary Verity advised on a quarterly basis the top 20 officers are identified in terms of high users of calls, text and data. A number of officers have signed a disclaimer saying they do not use mobiles for personal use and some have not signed anything at all. Work is ongoing to collate all the information and address accordingly.

Review computer assets. District have reduced computers to 115. Due to a £15k overcharge by ISD, £10.5 has been refunded with the rest still outstanding. Corporate Finance are reviewing this.


Promote criming at the scene. This forms part of the Command Team briefing.

Dip sample expenses to ensure these are reasonable. As most of the expenses are signed by supervisors, this was proving difficult to do. Action: Corporate Finance Payroll to be requested that on a quarterly basis they dip sample six expenses forms and update District. Mary Verity to discuss with Julie Reid.

Mary Verity advised that SCM would be centralising to West Yorkshire and raised concerns re. the local functions that they were currently doing in terms of ordering.

Post Meeting Update: Mary Verity confirmed that after speaking with Blane Young, the effect on functions is not as impactive as first thought.

7.7 Audit Reports

The Audit Team have circulated the draft report in terms of seized cash – there are no issues highlighted. Chief Supt. Watson will send an e-mail of thanks to all concerned in the BSU.

An issue has been raised relating to the Enquiry Desk and the public handing in items of found property, i.e. they either keep the item until the owner is found or hand in and sign a disclaimer for the property. Members of the public are however not realising that they have signed a disclaimer and are returning to reclaim the item. Officers and staff were requested to fully explain the disclaimer process to the public.

7.8 Street Triage Pilot

Barnsley are the only District where this has not yet been introduced. The current model operational in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster have a trained Mental Health professional patrolling with a police officer with funding in place from the NHS for the Mental Health Practitioner. It was actioned that street triage in Barnsley will commence in January 2015 between the hours of 6 pm x 2 am. Three to four officers will be trained on each response team. PS Taylor to review nominations with PC Jim Sheard

7.9 BlackBerry Usage

It has been requested that all BBs be reconciled in identifying who has BBs and usage. Mary Verity highlighted that Sheffield are physically undertaking an audit within briefings and it was actioned that this process would also take place at Barnsley. Action: All BBs to be checked for usage – CIs to action with supervisors. Update by the end of January.

7.10 New Hybrid Vehicle

Two new hybrids have been allocated to PS Taylor’s team and Performance Crime. Positive feedback has been received.

PS Sean McBride has asked whether officers can use the vehicles when semi covert ops are being conducted. The Command Team are happy for this to happen, but the team must ensure that the vehicles are recharged once used.



8.1 LPT Update. Discussion took place around the siting of officers and the structural alterations required at Wombwell and Barnsley in order to accommodate officers.

The meeting then discussed the preference process for SNT and response staff that will be rolled out in the New Year relating to LPT bases and groups. An agreement was made as to what that process would look like.


Tuesday, 9 December, 2014 - 10:00