VFM Management Meeting



1. APOLOGIES -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM, (Chair)
   Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Partner


   ATTENDEES  - Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager
   Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
   Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
   Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
   Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
   Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)

The minutes of the previous meeting on 18 June 2014 were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 13 August 2014. 

Action 1 - 13-08-14: Dave Day to review with Jamie Dickson what electrical parts are outstanding in stores and discuss what is appropriate to place orders for if the vehicle is going back out on the road as savings could be made in this area.


• Problems getting vehicles in from Doncaster area when driver based at Doncaster Dome is off
• Work experience placement
• Enviro wipes
• BMW parts
• RT19’s
• Cycle budgets
• Tough book UDS
• Tranman  issue
• Jobcard numbers

5.1 Doncaster Closure
Doncaster Garage (Drakehouse) is now up for sale.

6.1 Revenue and Capital Update
NK reported  a £21,000 overspend to date, which is a big improvement on last year.  The main reason for this is that income from insurance claims is down. There is an under spend on fuel and parts and tyres (although the parts and tyres budget was increased this year). We are not recovering as much income from recharges on avoidable repairs and the leasing income for the year has come in on budget.  There is a small under spend on the staffing budget due to part time working.
NK reported that after re-working the figures she has submitted an innovation bid for telematics .

6.2 Trading Accounts
None produced.

6.3 Vehicle Replacement programme
6.3.1 Electric  vehicles
Three Ampera’s were delivered yesterday, ahead of the due date.  Funding issues around the installation of charging points is in question at the moment but Vauxhall may pick up the costs for this.

6.3.2 Recovery Vehicle
The new recovery vehicle will be here within 12 weeks.  Not all drivers will have to go through a driver training assessment as those drivers who have had training in the past for the display bus, will not need re-training.

7.1 Tranman Upgrade
JB reported that the web portal is currently being tested.  Reporting a vehicle fault via the webportal, will add a defect to the vehicle and this will be flagged up and all details of what the fault is and who has reported it will be held within the system.  JB asked AS and DC to test the web portal on the test system.

7.2 Fire Service
DD said that he and SG are due to have a further meeting with the Fire Service in September.  DD also reported that he was still trying to get the CBRN trailers into the Fire Service for maintenance but is finding it difficult to get commitment to this.

8.1 Diamond Review Update
Not discussed.

8.2 PDR’s
Just 3 PDRs remain outstanding.

8.3  Sickness
A discussion took place about the current situation.

8.4 Cover at Churchill Way
DC reported that agreement has been reached for a second MVT to provide cover for the Fleet Manager.

Nothing to report.

10.1 Force Performance
Nothing to report.

10.2 VFM Performance
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

The next stock take will take place at the end of September.


13.1 Eco Business Driving
Nothing to report.

13.2 Electric Vehicles
Training must take place before these vehicle go on the road.  AS reported that Chris Angel from Vauxhall agreed that the mechanical side of the Amperas could be maintained in house but if faults occur on the electrical side, the vehicle will go back to the dealer for repair.  Any accident repair work required will need to be referred  to the Vauxhall Bodyshop

14.1  FIRST Intranet site
Nothing to report.

14.2 Integrity Action Plan
Nothing to report.

15.1  Problems getting vehicles in from Doncaster when driver based at Doncaster Dome off
AS reported he was having problems getting Doncaster vehicle into the workshop at Rotherham when the Doncaster Driver is on leave.  JB said she would look into this and in future arrange for some support with driving the transporter so that vehicles can continue to be brought in.

15.2 Work Experience Placement
DC reminded everyone that as from next month a work experience candidate will spend 2 days a week on placement within the mechanical side of Churchill Garage, to finish June 2015.

15.3 Enviro Wipes
AS has tested some recyclable wipes on recommendation of the Sustainability Manager. It was agreed that Rotherham Garage would change to this supplier for a trial period as AS had negotiated a good price and the company complies with Fire Authority, Environment Agency, Insurance and ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards.  DC will continue to use the current supplier in order to compare the two over the next few months.

Action 2 - 13.08.14 – Don Crawford to approach the company he currently uses to supply industrial wipes to ascertain what their policy is for disposal of the wipes and provision of waste consignment notes.

15.4  BMW Parts
AS reported that ordering through BMW direct is giving a saving of between 20 - 40% on vehicle parts.  No problems have been experienced with delivery.  The system is a little labour intensive but it is worth it due to the savings achieved.  It was noted that this could account for some of the current under spend on this budget.

15.5  RT19s
AS will distribute some registration numbers to DC.  It was agreed not to send cracked windscreens from Churchill Way to Rotherham for repair.

15.6  Cycle Budget
It was agreed to:
• put Adrian Saxton through a bicycle maintenance course
• purchase more equipment required for bike maintenance

15.7  Tough Book UDS
AS reported that the Tough book needs replacing.  DD explained that if we decide to purchase telematics for vehicles (five systems are currently being trialled) then UDS will not be required. DC explained that they were using the Astra laptop for UDS and to speak with Mark Hall about it for advice about setting the same up at Rotherham.

15.8  Tranman issue
AS reported that when going into job notes on Tranman and then coming out of it, gives a message about the ODO reading and that this happened on every job.  JB asked AS to give her a call next time this happens so she can look at it and work out what the problem is.  It could just be that external fuellings have been added in the meantime, which has updated the ODO.

15.9 Jobcard numbers
JB asked Fleet Managers to ensure they use the correct letter for the job, i.e. Commissioning and disposals on commissioning  electrical on electrical and mechanical jobs at Churchill  on Cs.  Ensure that Bodyshop jobs are not put on a D number.

Action 2 - 13.08.14: Don Crawford to contact Information Services to arrange for a larger screen to be supplied to him.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 17 September 2014, in the VFM conference room.



Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 - 09:30