Barnsley District Command Team Meeting




In Attendance:

Chief Superintendent Liz Watson (Chair)

Superintendent Shelley Hemsley, Operations

CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response

Lisa Ingham, Finance Officer

Mary Verity, Business Manager

Amanda Tankard, HR Operational Partner

CI Stuart Walne, Custody/Firearms Licensing



DCI Debbie Mahmood, Crime, Safer Neighbourhoods/Partnerships


Copy to:

Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer




1.1 As above.



2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 20 January 2015 were agreed as an accurate record.



3.1 BB Usage. All BBs to be checked for usage – CIs to action with supervisors. Update by the end of January. BlackBerrys have been checked for usage. From a Response perspective, there are no concerns apart from the fact that a small number do not have full functionality and there are some issues around BlackBerry Tasking. Actions: DCI Mahmood to provide update regarding SNT usage. Mary Verity to check the timescales for officers having BlackBerrys returned when faulted.


3.2 Victim Support Accommodation. Mary Verity to request Lisa Ingham to determine the proportion of utility costs in respect of an office on the first floor of Barnsley Police Station. A discussion has yet to take place. Alternative office accommodation is now being sought due to the original proposal not being viable. Ongoing.


4. Closed



5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets


All crime has reduced to 5.7%.

ASB maintains a 4% increase.

Vehicle Crime has reduced to 5% (73 less offences).

Violence with Injury has increased to 15.9%.

Shoplifting has reduced to 1%. Action: CI Hodgkinson to prepare a GWN for the officers concerned.

Other Sexual Offences have increased by 60% (119 extra offences).

Hate crime is up by 69.7%. In conjunction with BMBC, District will send a letter to takeaways and taxi drivers advising how to report hate crimes and incidents. This could result in an increase in reporting.

Domestic Crimes have increased to 27.5%.

Criminal Damage is up at 11.7%.

Burglary dwelling has reduced to 7.7%.


5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

A briefing will be held on the Tour de Yorkshire. The event will take place on the same day as Barnsley FC’s last match of the season.


6. Closed



7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

SYPB. A presentation was delivered on new mobile data.

If a case is discontinued with CPS, victims have a right to review (VRR). In such instances, the victim will write to CPS and an independent lawyer will be assigned to review why the case has been discontinued. VRR will be introduced in SYP on 1 April 2015 and it will mirror the CPS system. If the police discontinue a case, the rank above the decision maker will review the decision.

PPU was debated in terms of Level 2 PIP officers.

Work will commence on the Ops collaboration of OSS. An ACC will be identified in due course to head this.

Performance Meeting. In terms of Signals for Noise, the dashboard will be developed further to give more functionality.

7.2 Closed.

7.3 Closed

7.4 Closed.

7.5 Human Resource Issues


Awards. A number of officers have received GWNs including PC Clare Sidaway for SNT initiatives, Liz Blackburn for the transition of CCTV to a central system, Christine Thomas for her work on Toughbooks and PC Paul Thornton for being the longest serving Tutor Constable. Further, PC Josh Deville will be awarded an OSS GWN for his efforts on the drink drive initiative. PC Deville will be included in the FIRST newsletter in due course. The GWNs for PC’s Sidaway and Thornton will be forwarded for inclusion in the FIRST newsletter.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

The Performance Visit actions are:-

District to consider tactical options in relation to tackling violence without injury. Speak with Rotherham in relation to interventions. A football meeting has been arranged as part of the District response to the tactical options.

District to provide update on Operation in relation to offender management being undertaken by DI Hancock and DS Paul Brook. This is ongoing.

District to reinforce criming at the scene. An email has been circulated to all staff in relation to criming at the scene. This will also feature on the Command Team briefing.

Update in relation to how SNTs are briefed regarding OCG activity and how their activity is measured. Work is ongoing.

7.7 Audit Reports

There are no outstanding audit reports.

7.8 FIRST Internal Newsletter - Submissions

Refer to item 7.5.

7.9 Replacement of Response Car

At present, District has an Insignia response vehicle. Discussions have taken place with VFM to determine if it would be possible to swap this from a saloon to an estate. Sarah Gilding has provided costs for a two litre diesel Sports Tourer, which has good fuel efficiency, and an Insignia Country Tourer 4x4 estate. The Sports Tourer will be trialled at District, as it has previously been agreed that an additional 4x4 capability is not required for a Response car. Mary Verity will liaise with Sarah to determine if District can have the demonstrator in the very near future.

7.10 Computer Rationalisation Timescales

As the District moves towards the new LPT structure, as part of the rationalisation the number of computers will be reduced by 25%. In order to achieve the savings from April 2015, all 29 computers would have to be given up by the end of March. Following a discussion, however, it has been agreed that Mary Verity and Heather Scothern will look to give up as many as possible by the end of March to achieve the savings but they will stagger 2-3 from the VCT.



8.1 Closed.









Tuesday, 3 February, 2015 - 14:30