Barnsley Command Team Meeting

In Attendance: Chief Superintendent Liz Watson (Chair)

CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response

DCI Debbie Mahmood, Crime, Safer Neighbourhoods/Partnerships

Mary Verity, Business Manager

Lisa Ingham, OMA

A/CI Richard Batty


Apologies: Superintendent Shelley Hemsley, Operations


Copy to: Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer

Amanda Tankard, HR Operational Partner



1.1 As above.



2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 14 April 2015 were agreed as an accurate record.



3.1 Closed.

3.2 Staff Survey. Supt. Hemsley and Mary Verity to discuss the outstanding Clear Idea projects and determine when it would be appropriate to hold the next Continuous Improvement meeting. Chief Supt. Watson requested an initial meeting take place in June 2015. Discharged.



4.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re. PCC Targets

CAP information has been removed, therefore no updates were available for today’s meeting. The new signals from noise site will be reviewed in respect of crime figures for future meeting updates.


Update re. Criming at First Point of Contact Process. There are no adverse comments from teams, however feedback from BCD indicates officers, particularly detectives, are ardent in proving a crime is not a crime. ACC Byrne has directed that incidents should be crimed; if an officer thinks there is something suspicious, then this should be recorded on the narrative. Action: DCI Mahmood to brief PCT on the importance of criming immediates/from the scene.

Lost property will not be recorded in respect of mobile phones and identifiable passports/driving licenses. Lost items should be reported to the DVLA and passport authorities.

Violent Crime. LPU Superintendent Shaw and A/I Jez Fitzgibbons attended District last week around an internal inspection of the DV investigative process and prioritisation. A HMIC inspection around DV is imminent. Doncaster are currently gold standard in the way they are prioritising their domestic priority arrests and reviews etc. with Barnsley a very close second. A new prioritisation management process of investigations and domestic priorities at all levels has been established within District and will be reviewed daily through DMM.

CI Hodgkinson met with CI Richard Butterworth recently to discuss an Internet business crime portal kit. The kit will be adopted within District in order to support and reduce business crime which is around 25% of overall crime in SY including Barnsley. CI Hodgkinson will link in with business support leads within the Council due to a financial implication.


4.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

A town centre music festival will take place on 20 June 2015, which usually attracts 4-5k people. CI Hodgkinson will progress the planning and contingency for the event.

The PCT and Intelligence Units will relocate to Churchfield Court on Monday 18 May 2015 – a computer moves update has been circulated to relevant staff. Work is ongoing around carpet tiles and the relocation of lockers.

The urgency for the GRS Team to update the system was discussed. A Go Live meeting will take place on 4th June 2015 at Churchfield to outline available staff from the Diamond Team, IS and other departments in respect of any arising issues on the 8th June. Minimum staffing will be 24 officers and 3 officers will be allocated to each car beat from each shift.



5.1 Major Crime Investigations



6.1 Update from Key Force Meetings


Chief’s Roadshow. An HMI inspection will take place at the end of May 2015 based around the PEEL principles and an all encompassing review.

The Hillsborough Enquiry is expected to last for a further year.


Staff Survey. Key themes are morale, media, change of processes and structures. The Chief Constable invited officers to apply to be part of a focus groups in order to address issues.

Collaboration. Local policing is the only item that will not be collaborated.

6.2 OMA Financial Commentary

Lisa Ingham advised that for corporacy, all District overtime budgets are now on one tab. No projections have, as yet, been identified for the year.

6.3 Closed.

6.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects. All have been updated.

Accommodation strategy development – the accommodation plan has been updated.

Co-location of the NH Team – 5 options have been provided to BMBC for the configuration of the office area. Jackie Heald has since confirmed the preferred option and this has been forwarded to FM. Contractors will now cost.

Continuous improvement.

Vulnerable Witness Suite – SCS have advised that costs won’t be shared due to PPU staff not working at Barnsley until after the Custody build completion. SCS have completed a site visit to Dodworth, which appears suitable for their needs. Utility costs are being reviewed with a view to a move in July.

Custody and Gym. H&S are concerned in respect of the emergency pedestrian evacuation routes due to the gym and showers being next to the building line. Willmott Dixon have further advised that an evacuation route into the back yard cannot be completed due to site works and are looking at another temporary evacuation route which must be 18 metres away from the gym. The Property Store within the old canteen area is also an issue – further discussion will take place.

Mary Verity confirmed the door from the Report Writing room into the rear yard will be retained.

Discussion has taken place in respect of the potential to have a pedestrian gate within the main rear gate. It has been suggested however that pedestrian access be completely removed from the main gate to elsewhere nearby. A discussion followed.

Parking has been redistributed to the rear of the Custody Suite in order to retain the Ampera charging points.

6.5 Human Resource Issues


Officers have been appointed in respect of the Horizon and the Troubled Families posts. Two applications have been received for the 6 month post of Staff Officer. Sergeants transfer requests were discussed.

The LPT Units structure has been created on GRS but not, as yet, populated.

The selected apprentice has been through the vetting process with all checks being clear. Although he is keen to start, due to the policing restructure, a start date will be delayed.

Personnel & Welfare Issues. Discussed.


Lesley Moore will have achieved 40 years service on the 28th May 2014. A Good Work Minute will be prepared.

6.6 Performance & Governance Meeting Action Schedule

Deferred to the next meeting.

6.7 Audit Reports

There are no outstanding audit reports.


7.1 Closed.


Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 10:00