Protect your store

What can you do to prevent shoplifting?

We are targeting shoplifters across South Yorkshire but we need retailers to help by considering the following options, which can help to reduce the crime:

  • Do not place displays of tempting goods close to doors
  • Invest in a well - managed CCTV system and make sure appropriate signage is displayed
  • Place a wall-mounted CCTV monitor near to till points for you to view and to act as a deterrent
  • Ensure your staff are properly trained in how to prevent shoplifting and how to react if they see it
  • Place high-value goods in an area of the shop that can be monitored
  • Introduce a customer greeting procedure
  • Reduce obstructions in your store and avoid shelving or displays so high that they block surveillance
  • Be alert to shoplifters that operate in your area and communicate with other local retailers
  • Don’t confront a suspect if you think they may harm you. If it is not safe to detain a suspect, make clear notes of their appearance


What to do if you suspect a crime has been committed?

If you suspect a crime has been committed in your store and the offender is still there, contact South Yorkshire Police on 999 immediatley. If the offender has left then please call 101 to report the offence.