Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


VFM Management Meeting


1. APOLOGIES:  Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant


  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
  Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager VFM
  Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Partner
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)

The minutes of the previous meeting on 19 November 2014 were approved as a true record (17 December meeting was cancelled).  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 21 January 2015. 


• Tyre disposal
• Wakefield Council
• Contract for garage equipment and maintenance renewal
• Autoparts poor service
• Can we recycle our own vehicles
• All season tyres
• Compressor at RDH

5.1 Revenue and Capital Update
SG reported that despite an overspend on Overtime (£3,000), there is a current underspend of £56,000 year to date and we are projecting a £40,000 underspend for the full year.  This is good as there was an overspend last year.  The areas where the main underspends are currently occurring are; vehicle parts, accident repairs, cycles and garage equipment.  The budget is also up on vehicle/plant sales by £48,000 with the year-end  projection having been reached already.

5.2 Trading Accounts
None produced.

5.3 OMA Changes
SG announced a change in Management Accountant support.  Louise Hawley will be looking after VFM from now on and from 1/03/2015 will increase her working week from three days to four.

5.4 Innovation Fund – Telematics Trial
SG reported that the Telematics bid has been approved by the PCC and we will be progressing with this.  A bid has been made for a Band C post to monitor this.  The intention is to discuss going out to tender with Regional Procurement, ensuring that the accident data must be at least to the standard we have got currently.  The plan is to leave the majority of existing vehicles with UDS with just a few being retro fitted with Telematics.  Going forward SG will make recommendations to SCT with regard to underutilised vehicles. 

6.1Tranman Upgrade
No recent changes to report.  With the upgrade to accident reporting,   AS said it is good but vehicles are not being brought in for the damage to be inspected.  It was agreed to put a communication out to all Business Managers to remind them that all accident damaged to vehicles must be reported via the Tranman Web portal and then taken to the bodyshop to be assessed..

Action 1 – 21.01.2015: Jo Buckley to draft a communication and send out to all Business Managers to cascade information with regard to accident damaged vehicles and the requirement to report each incident on Tranman.

7.1 PDR’s
There is just 1 PDR currently outstanding.

7.2  Sickness
KL reported that the Operational Delivery Team were helping with this. Vivienne Davison can help Managers with regard to ‘Action Plans’ and ‘Maintenance Plans’. Managers should get in touch if they need her help.  KL reminded everyone that when sending sickness forms in, all absence forms must be sent to the Humberside e-mail address i.e. Notification of absence, Welfare reports, Return to work.  Anything for the Occupational Health Unit e.g. OHU referrals,  must be sent direct to the OHU e-mail address.

KL reported that IS have fixed the problem with NCALT and the reporting function is now working properly.  KL agreed to send out the next lot of reports once they become available.

SG reported that the Risk Register needs updating and asked Managers to let her know if they were aware of any areas of VFM’s business where they feel we are at risk.

Action 2 – 21.01.2015: Sarah Gilding to review the Risk Register and the processes and how we deal with it.

9.1 Force Performance
SG has sent information out recently, with regard to Force Performance for cascading to staff and adding to VFM noticeboards.

9.2 VFM Performance
JB reported that performance on servicing was being maintained and reminded the Fleet Managers to get Job cards in on time as availability has dropped on occasions due to this.  DC stated that Churchill Garage had done well to maintain servicing as the Fire Service vehicles had been through the Workshop too over the last couple of months.

Action 3 – 21.01.2015: Dave Day to set up a review meeting with the Fire Service.

AS reported that the garage had picked up work from the National Crime Squad and had provided a quote for Immigration, with more possible later in the year. 

JB reminded managers that when work is done on hired vehicles that items are marked up as rechargeable on the Job sheets and to make sure the invoice is made out to the District that hired the vehicle.

Action 4 – 21.01.2015: Sarah Gilding to e-mail Nikki Kelly and Louise Hawley to ensure that the invoicing out has been passed on to someone in Corporate Finance to deal with.

9.3 Fleet News Award
SYP have been shortlisted for an interview for ‘Fleet of the Year’ in the 200 to 1,000 vehicle category.  SG will be interviewed at Fleet News in February 2015.

Nothing to report.

JB has communicated the details of the bins with zero stock to both garages.  The obsolete stock report will be done shortly.  Some of the ‘old’ livery has been added to the transporter.

As the year-end falls midweek it was agreed that all stock takes will take place on 31 March 2015.

12.1 Electric Cars
SG has not received much feedback about the electric vehicles.  AS said he has two of them in the workshop at the moment.  One has a flat tyre and the other has a smashed front bumper. AS said punctures were difficult as the tyres have a new type of valve on.  However, a tool has now been purchased.

12.2 Eco Business Driving
Over 100 people have now attended the Eco Business Driving Course. Six more half day courses are due to run before the end of March.

12.3 12.3 ULEV Bid
SG has sent the details off to submit a bid to ULEV. The first part of the bid is for ULEV to conduct a review of the Fleet to see if they think there are instances where low emission vehicles could be utilised and improvements made.  Only 16 companies can be accepted.

13.1  Tyre Disposal
There is an issue about getting rid of second hand tyres by scrapping them.  Are we competent or not in assessing if they are fit for re-use? AS stated that he is re-fitting used tyres if they are good.  DC said he was having a problem with this but will have a meeting with the garage staff to ensure they progress with this.  It was agreed that it would be easier to identify whether or not all Season Tyres have been fitted if there is a separate stock location.  AS reported that the majority of Astra’s maintained at Rotherham workshop have been fitted with ‘all season tyres’.

13.2  Wakefield Council

Action 5 - 17.01.2015:  Sarah Gilding to review the contract with Wakefield Council with Matt Lowe from Regional procurement.
13.3  Contract for garage equipment and maintenance renewal
SG has discussed the problems we have been having with Matt Lowe from the Regional Procurement team and a re-tender is due.  However, there could be an interim period where the current contract has ended and the new one isn’t yet in place.

13.4  Autoparts

Action 6 - 17.01.2015: Mandy Stiles to draft a letter to John Mcardle at Autoparts, explaining we are experiencing problems again and listing the problems AS and DC have recently experienced.

13.5  Can we recycle our own vehicles
AS put forward the idea of in time being able to recycle our own vehicles after applying for a ‘dismantlers licence’.  If Property Services were to leave Main Street there would also be adequate space to be able to store items and put on stock for recycling.  DD explained that he had looked into this previously and there were a lot of requirements to meet.  It was agreed AS could look into this and prepare a report detailing what is required to set up and the cost to do so.  In the meantime, challenge what is being charged by FAB.

13.6  All Season Tyres
DC reported that he had taken a call from our Health & Safety Department, who had received a complaint about all season tyres from Sheffield District – the issue had come from their H& S meeting.  No other Managers were aware of this, but Joanne Sampson is meeting with DC this afternoon.  Don to clarify what the issue is exactly, as there is no information.

13.7  Compressor at RDH

Action 7 - 17.01.2015: Andy Stockham to e-mail Helen Haigh with regard to using the compressor located at Robert Dyson House.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 18 February 2015, in the VFM conference room.


Wednesday, 21 January, 2015 - 09:30