The Chief Constable's Public Encounters Plan

The Chief Constable's Public Encounters Plan

Progress on recommendations made in HMIC's 2013 report entitled 'Stop and Search powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly?' can be found by clicking here.

Stop and search is an important method of policing which enables us to maintain order and create the conditions that allow the public to go about their daily business in safety. The police have the legal right to stop members of the public and search them for a variety of reasons. These powers enable the police to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour and prevent more serious crimes.

This Public Encounters Plan sets out our progress in relation to:

1     Recommendations made in HMIC’s report entitled ‘Stop and Search Powers. Are the Police Using Them Effectively and Fairly?’

2     The implementation of the Government’s ‘Best Use of stop and search' scheme