Speed Offences & Speed Awareness Course

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Request Date: 

Monday, 2 April, 2012

Response Date: 

Monday, 30 April, 2012

Request Details: 

  1. How many drivers have been caught at least once by speed-check cameras in your partnership, since they were introduced, and either prosecuted or put through a speed awareness course.
  2. How many have been caught by the police for speeding and prosecuted or made to go on speed awareness courses over the same period.
  3. In each case, what proportion were done for being less than 10mph over the limit.
  4. How many drivers have been caught twice by speed cameras?
  5. How many have been caught three times or more?
  6. How much money was paid for speed awareness courses in your area last year and how was it spent?


SYP Response: 

In accordance with 1(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I can advise you that South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership holds the information you have requested.

Your request for information has now been considered and I am obliged to supply all of the information you have requested.

Before I furnish you with the answers to the questions within your request I would like you to note the following:

The Speed Awareness Course was introduced in South Yorkshire in September 2007, so the statistics produced for this request are from September 2007 to March 2012.

We have provided you with the statistics and answers to your questions to the best of our capability, please be aware that the results cannot be 100% accurate.  This is due to circumstances like people changing addresses, vehicles and their names e.g. by marriage.  So therefore our ability to establish who exactly is a repeat offender is not an exact Science, we have attempted to identify multiple offenders as your request states.


Question 1
124,917 (offences) committed by 117,200 drivers


Question 2
No-one can be 'made' to go on a speed awareness course.  Courses are offered to eligible offenders as an alternative to the fixed penalty and licence endorsement - the offender chooses whether to accept this offer, or to accept the fixed penalty and points, or to exercise their right to have the case heard in court. There have been 16,727 places taken up on the course in the specified time period.


Question 3
a) Offences detected on camera:  70.0%.
b) Offences referred after offender stopped by police officers:  4.4%.


Question 4


Question 5



Question 6
In the last 12 months £2,520,000 has been spent attending courses in South Yorkshire, just under 50% is paid to the course provider to run the course, (including fees to local venues). TTC are a not-for-profit organisation and refund any balance beyond their cost, in the last year they have refunded over £100,000 to the South Yorkshire Safer Road Partnership.
The remainder of the course fees plus the return from TTC contributes to the match the Local Authority funding for the running of the Safer Camera Partnership and processing of education schemes and prosecution. The balance is administered by the Safer Road Partnership to fund road safety development and initiatives including the educational schemes run throughout the county for school children of different ages, young drivers, motorcyclists. All schemes are presented in evaluated bids to evaluate their effectiveness and to ensure coverage of the most vulnerable groups of road users.
Many of the schemes have been run for several years including "drive for Life", "dummy run" and "Sporting chance". In the last year new initiatives include development of a new educational package compliant with the national curriculum to be delivered in schools and the Lifewise Centre at Hellaby which provides safety training for road and other environments and is home to the "crucial crew" scheme which can now increase its attendance to 17,000 attendees every year.